Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

You will begin to know some aspects of your unconscious, its motivations will begin to reveal themselves. And once you begin to understand some of those motivations you will be able to influence your unconscious powerfully. Take advantage of this energy to positively influence your personal growth.

You will be manifesting power and fighting ability in the public sphere, this is due to a great internal energy, backed by good decisions, thanks to the presence of the Sun and Mars in the 10th house, where the first gives you willpower. and Mars the capacity for signs and action.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

You will show a very paternal and protective temperament in your family and immediate environment. People will come to you for advice and protection. If at this moment you do not have a partner, it is very likely that on a trip or in a meeting of educated or intellectual people you will meet a very special person with the potential of a stable partner, the meeting could also take place in a virtual meeting or conference. This person will broaden your conception of the world and of life in general.

The day will be mystical or it will not be! Whether you are a believer or an atheist, today you will be able to better understand the extent of your faith and the value of universal beliefs. The first lesson is to be tolerant and not to judge others on their religion or beliefs. If you are a big skeptic, today you will probably want to let others believe in their ideals without trying to impose yours. Would you become tolerant?

You may feel oppressed today. Obviously, you have important things to say but, for some reason, you hesitate when you are about to say them. Don’t be surprised if you feel distressed when it is so difficult to communicate properly with others. Much of the day will be made up of little things.

The contact between Venus and Uranus can bring a romance into your life in an untimely way, a love that arises at first sight. Both of you will feel strongly attracted to each other due to the unusual characteristics that you project, which will generate great emotion in you. They must live this experience step by step because it could be a fleeting link.

Scorpio’s impulsiveness does not always combine harmoniously with a taste for poise. However, you will not hesitate to take your time today to meditate… Your delicate sensitivity will take over and you will probably embark on an artistic activity which will allow you to express part of your subconscious. Guided by your guardian angel, you will probably feel your wings growing to achieve a large-scale work!

The presence of Neptune in the 6th house could generate a state of dreaminess and general drowsiness; so it is important that you practice some routine in which you can exercise, such as going for a walk, or practicing jogging, swimming, etc.

If today the phone does not stop ringing, it is likely that it is to fix appointments, invite you left and right to go party or go out to see a good movie in theaters. While you dreamed of a calm day! Tell yourself, however, that it is sometimes just as regenerating to relax while having fun and having a good time with others. Up to you ! Don’t force yourself!

In the workplace, you could find yourself in a search with the intention of ensuring your professional and/or job growth; faith moves mountains and this idea leads you to look for new experiences that have great dynamism and that imply an evolutionary experience for you.

Today you will reap the fruits of all your past labor. Expect, therefore, masses of compliments and congratulations for your action and the projects you have really carried out! Do not have any state of mind and taste only the pleasure, the great pleasure, which gets the recognition of your merits and your efforts! After all, these moments of unanimity are rare enough to be truly appreciated!

Money and Luck
The ruler of your house 2 in house 4 offers you business opportunities with your family, it is recommended that you focus on goods and services linked to memory or family domain, since they will be very attractive to the public. Today is your day! You will shine in many ways.

The decisions you make about money will be fair, so stretch your bow string as far as you can before shooting your arrow! There is a quiet strength within you that can come out in bursts, and when that happens people remember it for quite a while. Today you will have the opportunity to display incredible strength and enthusiastic passion. Let go !

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