Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st October 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st October 2018

This is a Monday in which surprises arise in your life one after the other. There is a surprising encounter in your horoscope, maybe someone you did not see a long time ago, a good friend, co-worker or relationship with whom you had a sentimental interest that reappears in your life, precisely on this day, in a moment that made you much missing

You will feel revitalized, with all your willpower. A news item associated with a family, legal or economic issue puts you in a good financial position that will give you greater peace of mind.

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Be careful because appearances can deceive you on this day and make you see things that really are not like that. On a first date do not let yourself be carried away by emotion and act with serenity in love.

As you put order in your inner life, your body will reflect it with an admirable and vital physical state. If you are distressed by economic, family or other problems, all this is reflected in your skin and your health.

It is you who must always feel satisfied with the results of your efforts. Even if someone who is ill-intentioned turns you into a target of criticism, do not be intimidated. Continue your line of work and you will get the recognition you deserve.

Money and Luck
A hasty trip that you will make can give you better economic impacts if you manage to expand it a little and plan it with more time. When things are done without organization, they do not give good results and create problems, forgetting and economic losses.