Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 21st March 2022

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday, March 21st 2022

Check Scorpio’s daily horoscope for Monday, March 21st. The prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. People today are not likely to be sensitive to your needs. The truth is exactly the opposite. When trouble comes up, you may find that people do what’s best for themselves and don’t care too much about others. Make sure you have enough emotional reserve invested in yourself so that when push comes to shove, you have enough confidence to function.

Saturn will still influence your marriage sector, but it will have less impact than in recent times. Therefore, most of you will be entitled to an uneventful life as a couple, even if material questions take precedence over-sentimental considerations!scorpio daily horoscope today 21st march 2022


Not easy when a break comes to sully the hopes of stability. Yet attitudes change and do not resemble each other. Some decide to hide their dismay deep inside. Others choose to act out their pain. As proof, common memories and imagined projects resurface without warning. Repressing them remains strictly impossible. On the other hand, voluntarily putting them aside while taking the time to rebuild remains the best thing to do.

Single, a good Saturnian current will make this day quite optimistic on the heart. Meetings likely to lead to a lasting union may take place. Always keep in mind that life together is prepared and continues with the agreement of the other.

Hold on and work hard. Your situation will evolve in the right direction. Dedicate yourself with conviction to your profession. You can count on an influential person or the support of a loved one.

If you do many sports today, don’t forget to adopt an adequate diet. Nothing is more detrimental to the body than overeating or ingesting too heavy meals before providing a significant physical effort. In general, it would be advisable to avoid alcohol and wine.

The prevailing planetary atmosphere should symbolise a very gentle feeling of well-being and great form. If you are tired or suffer from chronic pain, you will recover excellent tone and rich vitality—a little advice: do not abuse coffee which increases your blood pressure and cholesterol. Adopt a healthy lifestyle by respecting the needs of your body.

The current cosmic environment will be favourable to you in all matters relating to the material side of things. You can take advantage of this beneficial day, presided over by the benevolent planet Mercury, to carry out the financial or real estate projects that are most important to you.

Your natural goodness turns against you. You refuse to plead your case for fear of arousing jealousy. By dint of wanting to escape the competition, you see young wolves pass you by. Your scruples are commendable but, in practice, far from profitable. Showing off one’s skills does not necessarily mean crushing others or being guilty of immodesty. Think about it because by devaluing yourself too much, you discredit yourself.

Family and Friends
The dark side of Saturn is playing tricks on you. A big fight with a family member breaks out. Cut the discussion short. It will be impossible to reconcile you with this aspect of the star. Rest assured by extending your hand to this person a little later. You will manage to be forgiven. You will meet people who share your ideas and increase your creative potential at work. A feeling of admiration and complicity will quickly settle between you. Old family problems will arise again, and you will feel powerless to resolve them. Do not panic! You will find a solution thanks to Neptune in beautiful aspects.

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