Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 25th January 2021

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 25th January 2021

Today’s New Moon opens a very significant moment for scorpions like you, as this cosmic event will help you think with your head and feel with your heart. That way you will be making the best decisions, you will not be unfair or causing pain to anyone. Discard the superfluous and useless things and do not allow a defeatist idea to prevent you from achieving your personal fulfillment. Take advantage of everything that happens in your environment to achieve it, you can, and at the same time, by doing so, you will be taking a qualitative leap that will place you where you should be, at the most appropriate time.

“Inspiration” will rule your day today. You have an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude as well as a vivid imagination. The fun thing is, often when you imagine something strongly and for a long time, it becomes reality! This is not magic, rather it is simply the result of concentrating your mind on a clearly visualized goal. Imagine what would happen if you tried this technique in your love life!scorpio daily horoscope 25th january 2021

There is a direct influence of your ruler Pluto that activates your sixth sense. Do not let yourself be carried away by negative impulses but rather give place to all the love that is in your heart. You will marvel at the favorable results that arise in your intimate partner relationship.

The departure of friends or family will leave your spirits on the ground. The best thing you can do in these circumstances to avoid depression is to contact your friends who live nearby and arrange a meeting with them. Shared activities are very positive in these cases. Another way out would be to put your creative talent into practice. You could start one project or finish another. Keep your mind busy!

Your in-laws could cause some minor disagreements within your relationship. You might blame your partner for his family’s interference in your personal affairs. Pay attention to the terms you can use or create an explosive situation. You will indeed undergo the incidences of Mars which establishes an electric atmosphere whose consequences can be unfortunate. Therefore, exercise restraint in presenting your point of view and avoid escalating the situation.

Some people around you may be polluting the air you breathe, smoking in the presence of children, or weakened people. Avoid that harmful smoke. Your lungs demand it, and when you maintain a clean, pollution-free environment, you feel better about everything.

Today you must take care of yourself, and pay attention to your health if it is not in optimal condition. Of course, the doctor will find something you need to improve, but when he speaks, he does not speak just because he likes to hear your voice. Pay attention to your health and if you think you are not doing enough to ensure a long and fulfilling life, try adding one healthy habit to your regimen at a time. This will be more likely to be successful than completely modifying your lifestyle.

The harmony that reigns between Mercury and Neptune allows you to consider this day with serenity. You should normally not have any health problems. One downside: your tendency to waste your energy could cost you a nasty boost in the afternoon. Needless to say, this risk is increased tenfold if your sleep hygiene leaves something to be desired! To avoid falling asleep on your desk or the bus, stock up on vitamins for breakfast, eat light for lunch and forget your three coffees before ten o’clock.

Put your affairs in order since from next week you will have very complicated days, with a lot of hustle and bustle and therefore you must have your affairs very well organized.

Today you will discover that the help will come from an old partner. You will meet a colleague that you once worked with. This person will offer you important career advice. Perhaps he has inside information about a new job coming up. Or have interesting gossip about your industry that you will find valuable. Make time to talk to people from your past, because it will be worth it.

Money and Luck
Intuition is your guide on this day and you will discover many things that until now remained outside your knowledge and were secret to you. Very soon you will earn money and you will be able to make excellent investments especially during the next days of February when there is very favorable energy around you as the lunar year that is beginning today unfolds. Scorpio Luck Today

You tend to drive yourself from the intellect, but today, you might be surprised by the stirring of romantic passion that you are feeling. Even for today, your values could vary from the intellectual to the physical. Maybe you want to plan a romantic evening with someone special, and you might even want to go out and spend some money on clothes. Enjoy the day!

You are embarking on an atypical project. Others look at you with apprehension. You don’t need their agreement to move forward. You have a knack for combining realism and imagination. However, be careful not to isolate yourself: your colleagues are essential to your success. Know how to convince them of the viability of your project so that they can enrich your thinking. Hear constructive criticism, encourage debate, and moderate your expectations and your business will come to fruition.

Family and Friends
This day will seem blessed by the Gods! The very favorable astral climate generated by the arrival of Venus in the 11th house will have a certain influence on your personal relationships. You will feel appreciated, valued and will have the impression of being recognized for your ambitions. Take this opportunity to make the most of this advantageous situation. If you had a specific request to make, now is the time. You could benefit from a welcome that you would not have dared to hope for and which will fill you with satisfaction.

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