Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 2nd November 2020

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 2nd November 2020

The cosmic energy of Venus and Mars that surrounds your scorpion sign during this birthday cycle this day was what was best for you now that Mercury is retrograde through your sign. You will find yourself facing a totally new sentimental scenario for you, but exciting and mysterious, just as you like it. A recommendation, do not rush, act with greater maturity at all times. You find love unexpectedly. No jealousy or possessive arguments. If you act with emotional maturity, you can put a minor fight into oblivion.

Today is a good day for relaxation and fun. Forget about housework, your house is not going to fall apart because you don’t do it today. Gather the kids and go spend the afternoon at the movies or the park. It must be a day full of cotton flakes and popcorn! You haven’t had a spontaneous day like this with your loved ones in a long time. Enjoy the wonderful memories you are creating!scorpio daily horoscope 2nd november 2020

One recommendation, Scorpio. Smile with all the freshness and spontaneity that you have in your heart to live and to the opportunity, it is giving you to remake your love scene. Do not continue to insist on the inconvenience and adapt to the new present circumstances as corresponds to the intuitive nature of your sign.

Today you will obtain security of your inheritance. Something that you have inherited from your family takes on great importance. It could be a house, money, or other resources, stories, a precious object, or a business. Whatever it is, you are likely to appreciate its value more today than before. You may talk to your family about it and tell them your impressions about it.

Relax as much as possible on this day because your astral horizon is loaded with new activities and situations which could put a greater degree of tension in your life. Take things as they are, and not as you want them to be.

Be careful! Today is a purely emotional day. The planetary energies are planning conflicts and in quantity. Do your best to stay away and avoid getting involved in any discussion. Today you may prefer to adopt a reserved attitude and at night you could stay home or go to the movies alone. Don’t worry, everyone will feel much better tomorrow.

Do not act in a hurry, review your work before submitting it, and do not finish your task without having taken a second look at it. Escapist tendencies surround you which can lead to irresponsibility which has nothing to do with the quality of your personality.

A keen intuition could bring out your artistic talent and fuel many great ideas. You may even have visions, but don’t dismiss them; use them. Your work could attract the admiration of many people, which will be very good for your confidence. A very stimulating day in any case.

Money and Luck
Control that impatience because each day has its natural development. If you don’t have the money you need today, you will get it tomorrow. You can increase your economy if you really intend it, Scorpio, and you will achieve it. Scorpio Luck Today

A friend or relative is going to propose a trip, but today you don’t even feel like going to the grocery store. You won’t feel like chatting with anyone either. Your mind is probably fixed on intellectual or metaphysical questions that are of interest to you, and you just want to stay home to read about these topics until you are satisfied. Tell your friend that the idea sounds wonderful and that they will discuss it later. It’s all you can do right now.

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