Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th August 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th August 2018

Jupiter and the Moon are in an expansive aspect that puts you above the mediocre feelings of those who spend criticizing and censoring others without having the courage to look at themselves in a mirror to discover their faults. You are above that!

Do not waste time finding other weaknesses, return that energy to your inner Being where is the real raw material of the change that you need to make, and that will give you what you are looking for. Where others fall, you get up, Scorpio.scorpio daily horoscope monday 6th august 2018

There are certain issues that when they are going to speak must be said with a subtle and delicate touch so as not to hurt the people we love with a false appreciation of a criticism or a misinterpreted word. Do not forget the tenderness in your talks with others.

Go mentally planning how you are going to invest your time from the next work week so that you will not find yourself off center at the last moment. The best things for your health are outdoor activities, very natural.

This Monday separates time to combine your schedule properly and thus you will not experience labor or social anguish. Possibly you are in the middle of an issue that consumes your time and energy and does not let you breathe to do those things that are so important to you.

Money and Luck
You must act with all the wisdom and intuition that distinguishes your Scorpio sign and by doing so you can change your financial plans and projects that arise, in your favor. You can do it because now you have a good planetary aspect in your horoscope that neutralizes the retrograde effects of your ruler, the planetoid Pluto.

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