Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th May 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th May 2019

A surprising and admirable tone surrounds you that fills you with wonder. If you suffered a temporary separation you receive news and everything begins to be fixed. Be calm and do not express what you think right away until you have considered and pondered enough. This will make reconciliation easier.

The financial and economic influences that are gravitating on your Leo sign will help you solve a matter of money. Maybe it’s an inheritance, gift or loan that you receive at the right time. As long as you have retrograde Jupiter in your sign, be very careful with your expressions, channel your emotions.scorpio daily horoscope today monday 6th may 2019

It is a day of reconciliations, of loving arrangements, excellent to forget those small offenses that once caused problems between both. New paths are opened in your sentimental world, but it is essential that you take advantage of them.

Very well sponsored in this important cycle. The most successful thing you can do is recharge your energy with an outdoor activity and take advantage of Monday to share it with your family or friends in a natural place.

The wonderful influence of Venus and Mars neutralizes the retrograde transit of Jupiter by your sign. You will find options and offers where you can decide what is most convenient for you in the labor field. There is an advantageous proposition tossing you around, Scorpio.

Money and Luck Today
Your economy is on the rise, but imprudence could spoil the results. The most appropriate thing in this cycle is to observe your economic outlook and make low-risk investments, such as savings or bank certificates.

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