Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th May 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th May 2018

Your level of communication is very good. The way you communicate with your loved one, or the one you are interested in, is going to make a difference. It is a cycle for quiet enjoyment and also exciting at the same time because one thing does not exclude the other.

Take advantage of the opportunities presented in your horoscope to enjoy life more. It is your night to intimate and deepens your relationship in a gentle way, through the word and other subtle ways of communication and romantic intimacy, with the love and intensity that you know how to put everything.scorpio daily horoscope monday 7th may 2018

Now everything is positively inclined towards you. Good astral positions favor a pleasant and peaceful Monday with your partner or that person who is interested in you at this time.

Put your dynamism to work cleaning the house well and eliminating well all those accumulations of dust and dirt that create allergies. The fewer bulges you have in the place where you sleep and the more plants and fresh air, the better and you will feel healthier.

You have a heavy workload. Try to do all your pending work for the rest of today – if this Monday you are busy in your job – although you should stay longer in your workplace, so you can take better advantage of your Monday and do not see yourself wrapped in complicated situations which prevent you from enjoying your days off work.

Money and Luck
Act decisively now because it is your moment of commercial opportunities and you should take advantage of them intelligently, without getting into debt, but at the same time having the courage to risk a little of your money. To earn more you must invest more.

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