Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 9th July 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 9th July 2018

This is the Monday of optimism and joy! If you need to rest, do not overdo it. Your hours of sleep and rest should be respected, as well as your feeding and recreation. Balance your life and you will see how you feel better.

With the full moon, a cycle of many changes has begun and you will feel yourself involved in a kind of work or social whirlpool. Maybe you should leave a job that does not suit you or move a person from your position, starting tomorrow, Monday, you will not get over your amazement.scorpio daily horoscope monday 9th july 2018

This cosmic event floods you with a sensual and romantic tone that attracts many eyes to your eyes. You will feel closer to that person who until now was a stranger to you.

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Due to the action of the Full Moon, there is a certain propensity to be somewhat distracted. That lack of concentration could cause a small accident, such as falling or slipping. You are already warned, so take action!

In these moments you are in a better disposition to undertake happily new companies in which you will count on the assistance of your co-workers. Success is assured.

Money and Luck
The full moon approaches your life new relationships, friends and people who share many common interests and tastes and with whom it would be interesting to establish economic relationships.