Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 9th November 2020

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 9th November 2020

Some of the effects caused by the retrograde transit of Mercury through your sign can be seen in this birthday cycle, this weekend, in which you will be amazed at the misunderstandings that arise because most of the people who are by your side do not they know how to listen. You will be examining a somewhat confusing relationship. An extra dose of energy from the transit of the Moon through Aries will help you recover from a sentimental disappointment. The weekend presents a tonic of surprise associated with a certain invitation that will catch you off guard, but that will interest you a lot. Act with objectivity and do not let yourself be carried away by desires but rather apply that natural and practical intelligence of your Scorpio sign to separate reality from fantasy.

Today show your sensitive, educated, and sensual nature. It will be necessary. It’s a day to curl up at home with a cup of tea and comfort yourself with your loved ones. Astrological weather forecasts gloomy skies and pessimistic change. Keep the preservation of your emotional life close at hand. Your intuition will be especially strong, so don’t be afraid to trust it when you need to make important decisions.scorpio daily horoscope 9th november 2020

Love presents different and intense faces and if you are one of the scorpions who had some kind of sentimental disappointment this is the time for reflections and emotional arrangements. The lonely period of the past is over, and the prospects for a culmination of your joyous birthday month are now closer than ever.

Your emotions are on the surface today since your partner or a family member or friend calls you to discuss some problems. It does not concern you directly, but you still want to see the conflict resolved since you tend to feel bad when someone you love or love very much is upset. At times like this, it is better to listen than to give advice. Probably all that person needs is to tell you things. Be patient, and everything will work out.

Several years ago, you and your partner made sacrifices to be able to live together. This fine gesture could well be reproached to you today. To defuse the crisis, try to understand what is really on your mind. Single natives will have everything to gain by asking for the assistance of a loved one. Advice, a network of acquaintances, what if your best friend turns into a cupid? You might as well put your arrows in the hands of someone who knows you pretty well.

The health problems associated with the airways are receiving a good astral boost and during these next few days, you will recover very well from the recent conditions that could have caused you to worry and even unexpected expenses.

Did you have trouble getting out of bed this morning? Blame it on Saturn, who has been circling you for several days and decided that a little slack would be perfect for today. If you listen to your needs, it shouldn’t last very long. Get a little exercise, cook up a little home-cooked meal, or vegetate on the couch for a few hours, and you’ll be better tomorrow. If you don’t have the time and the inclination, just leave the mountain of dirty laundry and your worries where they are. I promise they will not have moved in the early morning!

This Scorpio birthday month is a period of job openings in which you will have the opportunity to find something new and different in your work since your initiative and imagination are holding hands and being closely observed by your superiors.

You may have a lot of paperwork on your hands today, but this will set the stage for an increase in your income. Maybe it’s your job or maybe it’s real estate. Some changes could be carried out inside your house that could be modernized. This should be a busy but productive day at the same time. At the end of the day, you will receive visits that turn into an impromptu meeting.

Money and Luck
Soon you will receive that money you were expecting and from now on you will be able to increase your earnings by doing something that you had not tried to do until now, but that will be very well received and productive. Scorpio Luck Today

You will see that today your mind is attentive and insightful. Make sure to stay vigilant and organized. Behind you lie the power of discipline, which on a day like today will help you manifest yourself. Remember that your openness towards others and your incredible sensitivity are one of your most important gifts. Use your power to create prosperity for yourself, but do it without hurtful manipulation of the minds of others.

Mercury brings confidence to the natives of your sign when they express themselves. Thanks to this influence, you are bursting with creativity. Your professional ideas will be welcomed and promoted. It’s a good day to ask for a small raise or a one-off bonus. However, watch out for a few colleagues who envy you and don’t really appreciate your current posture. On the other hand, you will know how to manage your budget and pay all the bills that accumulate on your furniture in the hall.

Family and Friends
Symbol of fertility, the well-aspected moon indicates that your environment is expanding. Birth? New meetings? Trip? Your circle is about to be enriched with newcomers. This prospect makes you happy, you who are a follower of the saying “The merrier the more we laugh”. It is with kindness that you will welcome everyone, deploying all the hospitality that characterizes you.

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