Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 10th August 2019

This week when the last solar eclipse of the year will take place with the conjunction between the Sun and the Moon you will feel involved in a wave of love, romance, and many deep inspirations. You are on the threshold of an unforgettable passion stage, but to fully enjoy it you must open yourself to new experiences and forget the mistakes made in the past.

Finally, love comes to you with a different intensity, however, you could miss the opportunity if you do not act quickly and decisively. The hesitations, at this time, delay your projects and complicate what you plan to do.

If there were separations due to misunderstandings or confusions of a sentimental nature you will find the right words to return the lost trust to your partner and resume everything. The Moon is in the fire element and is a very auspicious transit.

An excellent day to increase your fluid intake and try to have as healthy a diet as possible. You are in a cell regeneration cycle, but you should help by not introducing artificial substances of low nutritional value into your body.

You will hear comments, gossip and negative ideas from people in your work that are very negative and full of frustrations. Do not be impressed by them, they would drag you into their world of job instability.

Money and Luck
Your ideas are very accurate and you increase your income thanks to a skilled financial movement. Due to a large number of occupations, you must perform, you may feel somewhat exhausted. Concentrate your thinking and you will succeed.

Lucky Numbers Today

3 15 24 31


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