Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 11th May 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 11th May 2019

You will do what you did not even dream you would do at this time. The energy that surrounds you today, Saturday, with the Moon in the fire element, imparts a bold, daring touch to everything you are thinking of accomplishing, Scorpio. You feel inspired, there will be no limits or limitations to your aspirations.

There are many things that are about to happen in this phase that you are initiating and that involve a touch of astonishment and realizations. A dream, a hunch, can tell you the right place and time to tempt luck and fortune.scorpio daily horoscope today saturday 11th may 2019

You are at an appropriate time to end an embarrassing issue in your personal or family relationship and start something different that gives you better opportunities to live alone with your loved one and create your own family.

It is very favored if you have bone problems, but relapses may occur if you neglect and do not follow your treatments. It is also favorable to explore natural alternative cures such as aromatherapy and reiki massages.

This will be an exciting time for you where you can break the routine both in your professional work and at home, if you are resting. You show yourself active and diligent and achieve progress in plans that until now were only abstract ideas.

Money and Luck
Take advantage of the hours of the night to tempt chance and follow the deep dictates of your inner being. You have a good star spinning around and you may receive money unexpectedly, in the mail or in a casino. Follow your hunches today.

By Mary Emma

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