Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 16th November 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 16th November 2019

A distant love returns and you begin to relive happy moments. There is a family wave that promotes fertilization and pregnancy in women of your scorpion sign during these last days of your birthday cycle.

Continue to act as before and yield what you should yield if necessary to safeguard the love you are enjoying, but do not overdo it and do not endure disrespect or consideration, humiliation or infidelity. Avoid arguing with good friends for reasons of a political or social nature, because it is sad to antagonize those who are not interested in those who are above.scorpio daily horoscope 16th november 2019

The Moon in your element sensitizes you, Scorpio. A wrong word could cause difficulties in your relationship or your social life if you do not act as quickly as is required at any time to clear up misunderstandings.

On the side of the heart, your confidence will be put to the test today. You may find important information about your partner or discover that he or she has not been completely honest with you. This secret could jeopardize your relationship. Should we talk to him now? Wait until things settle down? To act as if nothing had happened? Use your intuition to know how to act and remember that total transparency does not exist in any relationship.

This day promises to be very dynamic, both in words and movements, which will greatly improve your intimate exchanges or create promising contacts! Do not resist to start a new relationship, the sky protects your loves!

As a couple: The day increases your charming and springtime charm, your partner succumbs again to your emotional ardor! You replay with a touch of humor, your first impulses, one to the other, it’s good to laugh together, it’s sweet to love each other with joy!

Single: A light, the playful climate allows your intimate exchanges to be lived without pressure, with gaiety, fun. Take full advantage of these impulses beneficial to your sociability and likely to radically change the course of your love life. Today and for a long time!

A very active cycle is approaching in your social life. There are many invitations to dinner and temptations and dangers for your health will be around you. Beware of excesses because today’s exaggerations could become tomorrow’s problems.

While some transmit viruses and bacteria, you get to spread your good mood wherever you are. It’s simple, the magic wand provided with your sign is enough to calm tensions. More than a quality, it’s a trait that comes naturally from you. As a true fireman specialized in the lonely soul, you extinguish the torments of your neighbor’s spirit with disconcerting ease. You deserve the gold medal of benevolence and empathy!

Draw concrete plans now in your work and you will achieve more as it corresponds to your way of being. You have many options before you, study them before making decisions.

Be wary of on-say and hallway noises. A persistent rumor is a daily drag on you and it may well be that it is not the least bit founded. You have too much tendency to let yourself be influenced and impressed. If you experience professional fears, open directly to your manager. You will be reassured and you will stop making knots in your stomach. Nothing beats a good discussion, learn to detach you from the gossip of all kinds.

Money and Luck
Certainly, this is not the time for great economic gains, but there are no serious losses. This fluctuating curve should not worry you because, in the end, it will throw a positive balance for you. Soon you will recover any investment you have made and the following months will be better. Scorpio Luck Today

Pecuniary life is emphasized today. You feel the need to get closer to those who can work with you. The time has come for you to leave your reserve. We have to go to some people to change things.

Communication is in the spotlight and you enjoy this day to set the stage for your future, prepare the ground, discuss and negotiate your progress skillfully. The sky invites you to make contacts and to privilege the opening.

Family and Friends
Venus well aspected reveals friendly and family relations in good shape! You will be particularly considerate of your loved ones and guide them in the right direction. More than ever, you are this large tree in the shade of which comes to shelter ones and the others. Generous and altruistic, you do not spare your efforts to help those who matter to you to smile again. You expect nothing in return and never boast of your good deeds.

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