Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 22nd September 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 22nd September 2018

You will understand better the motivations of others helping you to put yourself in the place of other people, that is, to practice what is known as “empathy”. You will receive a message, call or message that will be a confirmation of what you have been looking for these days, it can be work or sentimental.

Do not speed up, take everything in a philosophical and calm way, you are well supported and with a clear mind.

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You will understand many things on this day. If you lost a love, or you feel disappointed and sad to find yourself in a difficult emotional situation this Saturday, speak with your heart, look around, and propose to rebuild your life based on your own resources and experiences.

There is a planetary combination that favors the stomach and especially helps those suffering from gastric or duodenal ulcers. However, you should support this good vibration by eating healthy, fresh foods that do not contain so many artificial substances.

Check calmly the job offers that have been proposed, if you are unemployed. Take decisions that are related to your future work situation calmly if you have gone through the bitter experience of losing your job. If not, then do not worry and enjoy your weekend. The outlook in October, which coincides with the start of your birthday cycle on the 22nd, will fill you with an enthusiastic and optimistic touch.

Money and Luck
A business related to the purchase and sale of food or flowers, as well as everything related to agriculture or the field, livestock and animals, is displayed in your scorpion horoscope. You are in a good stage of economic growth so take advantage of it and you will have gains.