Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 25th August 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 25th August 2018

The great planet Jupiter is direct and combines its cosmic energy with Saturn in transit. It is the right period to make a total rethink of the way you see life, how you respond to situations and how you can improve your health, work and family conditions.

Put aside the little things and enjoy your reality more. You know how to underline what is really important and valuable and secondly, what does not belong to you. Something you always dreamed about is going to be channeled very soon into your sentimental life, Scorpio.scorpio daily horoscope saturday 25th august 2018

Today Saturn will end that transit. If you have a partner and a beautiful relationship, it is strengthened. If you are alone, or alone, there will be a happy encounter. What until now seemed distant, distant and unlikely has already begun to materialize practically.

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Start planning now the vacations that you are going to take and include in them an intimate contact with nature that will greatly benefit your health. Do not wait until the last moment and so you can do everything in due time.

Today you move in a different cycle than usual and work activities related to sales outside the home, contacts abroad, travel agencies, tourism and aviation are very well supported. Take advantage of this energy.

Money and Luck
To improve your economy and increase your income you will have to make some new adaptations in your business. The changes you make will benefit you, but get advice from qualified people, not improvises, look for experts, Scorpio.