Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 27th July 2019

The direct influence of Jupiter will help you focus better on what you should say to that person who drives you crazy and for which you have not had direct news for so long. A family member or a very dear friend will give you a pleasant joy so watch the phone and your computer messages.

In general, you are in that intense and happy tone that helps you take setbacks as a challenge to your intelligence, a kind of challenge so that you can carry out your affairs without major interference or problems.

Save those jealous impulses that could surface these days due to the combination of the eclipse and retrograde Mercury because if you become insistent and do not let your partner or the person you are interested in breathing you could lose the freshness of your relationship.

Try to recover energy. This can be a sleepless night and to counteract it, go preparing properly avoiding unnecessary tensions before going to bed and drinking a warm drink that induces sleep.

The time you invest in certain work activities that you have recently started will produce great results. Focus on the realization of a project and analyze the details of it without leaving anything out.

Money and Luck
If the profits obtained do not satisfy you, you will have to make other investments, think about different businesses and take risks in daring companies that can increase your income. Focus your attention on various angles of your economy.