Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 29th June 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 29th June 2019

The secret of harmony? Good communication! What you decide to do today is well sponsored astral with the movement of Mercury to the element of fire, direct. Opportunities abound in your environment although they do not present themselves openly, but in a subtle way in the form of hints, hints, invitations.

This is a day of surprises and joy, but also of a lot of work, movement and visits. Take care of your time and do not go diluting doing things that do not lead to anything. It’s time to learn from past experiences. Fortunately there are many aspects of your life that are now receiving a great boost, especially love and money. A dream will be revealing.scorpio daily horoscope today saturday 29th june 2019

An invitation to a social or sports event puts you in touch with someone from the past that you find very changed and awakens in your feelings of love. If both of you are single, there is no reason to wait. Follow your hunches, Scorpio!

Separate some time in your agenda for meditation and relaxation. You are very excited lately and require a period of mental calm. If you can enter a yoga course or similar practice it will be extremely beneficial.

The time dedicated today to clean the house, fix the cabinets and put order in your domestic affairs will be reversed in a positive way in the way you take advantage of the work week that you have in front of you from next Monday and the first week of July.

Money and Luck
Fortune can touch you unexpectedly in a contest, competition or raffle. If you are invited to attend a casino accompanying some friends, follow your intuitive impulses and possibly have very pleasant surprises at random.


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