Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 2nd April 2022

Today, Saturday, April 2nd, the energy of Mercury in Pisces, causes your analytical abilities to be affected under Piscean sensitivity. This day your mind will not be very analytical and will dominate the Neptunian emotional mind, the esoteric and mystical will attract you a lot.

You have the house of the permanent partner in Leo, which makes you very proud, this affects your permanent relationship, remember that sometimes giving in is not losing, it is just acting intelligently. Your digestion can be improved by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, drinking enough water, and eating fewer fatty foods.scorpio daily horoscope today saturday 2nd april 2022


Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 2nd April 2022

This Saturday, April 2nd, you will find it difficult to feel completely available to your close entourage and to live your ties in peace. Confide with a friend, you will be surprised to find that you are understood! The rhythm of this day is sustained and you may have a little trouble keeping up with it. A small effort of adaptation should be enough to bring you into the dance, but you still need to put in the goodwill!

You were waiting for this revival with great impatience. Now, on the side of your finances, everything is working out, you can start making plans without worrying about your financial future.

The house of love is under the rulership of Gemini, and it gives you a lot of instability and indecision in your relationship, you also have Mars in the same house, which gives you a strong romance and reinforces your taste for adventure.

You must channel your desires so as not to spoil your chances of embarking as a duo for seventh heaven. The end of the day will then see you more concerned with pleasing the other than selfishly enjoying the present moment.

The house of health is controlled by Cancer, which governs the entire digestive system, so you must take care of its proper functioning and check that your digestion is not incomplete.

Without transition, you will share good meals with your collaborators and will discuss your favorite topics of the moment, namely sport and health. However, you also need a few moments of isolation to fill up on a protective silence.

The energy of the Moon rules this house today, which gives you a lot of tenacity, which helps in the fulfillment of your work, so responsibility and fulfillment will be your thing.

You need to think about important matters and now is the time to act. If you have problems or if you have to leave a job it is because you were not in the branch that fate had in store for you.

The economy is under the energy of Pisces with Mercury in the same house and this gives you a lot of ability to analyze your financial decisions, taken with good common sense and practicality, they will be successful.

A new positive period bringing real change will satisfy you if you are tired of spending money. These changes will be long lasting, you will earn more than you spend. That’s very good news.

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