Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd August 2019

Love is something that is present in all the chapters of your life, but sometimes, due to certain sad or pessimistic tendencies, without realizing it, you spoil it. Don’t let your relationship get damaged by ignoring reckless and frustrated people. Now that you have the good energy of Jupiter in your sign, the way you communicate with the loved one, or the one that interests you, is going to make a difference.

It is a cycle for calm and exciting enjoyment at the same time as one thing does not exclude the other. Take advantage of the opportunities presented in your horoscope to enjoy life more. This weekend everything conspires positively towards you, don’t forget it, Scorpio.

Good astral positions favor a pleasant and quiet Saturday with your partner. Take advantage of this night to intimate and deepen your relationship. There are those who always tend to confuse terms: sincerity with lack of sensitivity, compassion with pity. Your mental world is somewhat entangled and if you let yourself be enveloped by your ideas you would end up very confused particularly in your love life as you would have doubts about the loved one.

If your doctor has recommended an operation or intensive treatment follow his advice and everything will be fine, but do not be guided by ignorant people when it comes to health. Charlatans cause a lot of damage if your problem is serious. Do not put your body in inexperienced hands, especially in liposuctions.

New investment opportunities in a self-employed business approach you can give you money in a very short time. However, before taking the last concrete steps leave everything well organized in your current job and do not rush.

Money and Luck
You will transform a dream into something concrete and with the help of your imagination, you give a touch of productivity to an illusion. Your participation in an economic issue where there is money pending will result in something positive and promising.

Your horoscope and the tarot of today, Saturday, August 3, 2019, dear Scorpio, warn you that you must improve certain aspects of your personality.

You are an impulsive and daring sign, that acts without thinking too many things, under you the only truth that you consider acceptable: yours.

Scorpio forgives not forget. Like their other companions of the water element, Scorpians are understanding and kind as well as spiteful.

When they talk about a problem, they empathize with the other person, understanding what reasons he had for doing what he did. They can forgive her and have the same relationship she had previously with her, depending on how important that person is for them.

But no matter how much time passes, Scorpio will not forget every betrayal, every snub, or every affront.

It may even happen that they bring up that moment in another similar conversation, like a throwing weapon.

They are too sensitive and an emotional wound leaves them eternally marked, even having overcome the problem, they will be left with the scar.

My Scorpio partner has not forgotten his ex
It is very rare that Scorpio has not forgotten his ex, at least in the love sense.

They will not forget about the relationship they had or what happened between them, whether the bad times or the good times, but Scorpio has no problem leaving behind people who hurt him or with whom a relationship does not work.

Thanks to his protective shell and his distant, cautious attitude, he manages not to get so hurt from the love affairs he has.

When the relationship does not work and separates from your partner, do not rethink back or waste time with regrets.

He has better things to do like focusing on who truly wants to share his love with him. Without a doubt, Scorpio is one of the signs that lives the ruptures in a more special way.

If he was really in love with that person at a deep level, he will try to fix things, give him time to get everything back to the way it was before, although he won’t wait forever.

On the contrary, if the relationship was recent and had not generated that link with your partner, you will not have thoughts to move away and move the subject away.

Whatever the situation, Scorpio lives the ruptures in a curious way due to the mixture between sentimentality and indifference that is cooked inside.

They get involved and love in an intense way, but they take time to get to that point and it is only an advantage in the face of ruptures and disappointments.

Do you have a relationship with a Scorpio or Scorpio and want to keep it by your side? Know your weaknesses and what to do to drive that special person crazy.


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