Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 6th July 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 6th July 2019

The aphelion of the Earth and the planet Venus create a unique energy framework within your scorpion sign. The important thing is that you take advantage of this charismatic wave that surrounds your aura and personality to act, to pose what you need and to face any setback that may arise.

Within a few days you will have the opportunity to live an exciting adventure, new, full of passion and enthusiasm and from now on you feel enveloped by that cheerful and intimate tone that creates the astral landscape of the moment. A person who has been absent from your life for some time, will soon return to your side turning this weekend into a couple of shocking and unforgettable days.scorpio daily horoscope today saturday 6th july 2019

During these days you have been a little sad or worried and needed this stimulating impulse to put you back on the path of intimate joy. Follow your inspirations and go to the place that your heart tells you.

You will notice a considerable improvement in your health if you have been with digestive problems in the past days as there is now a favorable energy in your horoscope that significantly favors organic recovery.

Within a few days you will be invited to join a work group or an activity that will be new for you and initially scare you a bit. Accept it, you can assume that new responsibility and when you have mastered what now seems so difficult you will feel very satisfied with yourself.

Money and Luck
If someone asks you for money to start a business, but does not give you guarantees, nor there are contracts, legal signatures and everything that is needed for things to go as they should be, then distrust and do not risk your income in that kind of thing.