Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 13th January 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 13th January 2019

You are entering a cycle of major projects so consider thinking about the possibility of making a romantic getaway with your partner and if you are alone, go out with friends because love is spinning around you.

The feelings that another person has towards you are accentuated and you discover that behind friendship, and shyness, there is a legitimate desire to establish a more stable and lasting relationship with you. The typical Scorpio intuition will guide you at this time.scorpio daily horoscope today sunday 13th january 2019

What has seldom happened to you in the past surprises you and you find yourself practically without words or resources dazzled by the presence of someone extraordinary in your life. Do not be intimidated, fill yourself with courage and declare your love.

This Sunday, Mercury will have a conjunction with Saturn in the skies of Scorpions. It is therefore normal that you feel the need to seek some depth of relationship with your partner. You will be more assured of a good future project together. You will also improve the sustainability of your relationship. Singles: You can not compare two relationships because each has its own specificity. And to discover it, you need a deeper knowledge of the person.

If your bronchial tubes are inflamed and you have an impertinent cough, check your environment as it is most likely that there are elements of allergens in the house, irritants, smoke or pet hair. Clean everything well and you will improve.

Mercury in Conjunction with Saturn awakens in you an intense need to practice a sporting activity, and not just any! In fact, you will be very good for any technical sport, one that requires intelligent management of body and mind. The martial arts will, for example, very well the case!

Work and Career
You will have a helping hand that will help you in your work because your experience and knowledge will be very valuable for you when you assume a new responsibility or find yourself in front of a new team with which you are not familiar.

You will have a great capacity for concentration and reflection, especially on a professional level. Your mind will boil good ideas to refine the content of a long-term project to put in place. If you are in a job of reflection, this Sunday will allow you to relax so as to be perfectly level in a few days.

Money and Luck
That brake that you are experiencing take it positively because it is a signal to gain time and not to commit a madness caused by the precipitation and your desires to have easy and fast money. Wait a bit and you will not regret it, Scorpio.

This placement of Mercury along Saturn will awaken your curiosity, and develop your sense of analysis, especially on the financial level. This will allow you to effectively decide the financial strategies to adopt. It is not surprising then that some sensible ideas germinate in your mind especially in the early afternoon.

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