Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 14th October 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 14th October 2018

Do not expect everyone to agree with you on this day because you are surrounded by a climate of contention and discussion in which all your friends will want to be right. The best in these cases?

Do not waste time in absurd discussions that rob you of time and energy and simply follow your path smiling and concentrating on truly important issues that do not take you out of your plans or cause you major inconveniences. The transit of Jupiter by your sign is revolutionizing everything, Scorpio.

It is day and night of surprises and in love there are novelties. A friend will entrust you with something that will admire you. Maybe it’s a sentimental statement or a confession in which you find out about someone who is looking for you, and to whom you have not paid attention.

Everything is going well in your health and improvements if you have recently suffered an accident or fracture. It’s your time of organic recovery. Take advantage also to strengthen yourself and start a specific plan of physical exercises graduates.

Devote more time to yourself, to be with your thoughts and ideas and do not let your life and energy be dispersed by doing many things that have no relation to your work. Concentrate on what you do and you will succeed.

Money and Luck
There is a formidable turnaround in your fortune and very soon you will receive news of a salary increase, a promotion or an unforeseen trip that will significantly increase your income and will give a positive turn to your status and economic level.