Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 16th May 2021

Check Scorpio daily horoscope for Sunday, May 16th, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. Listen to others, this can be a very intense and passionate night, but only if you give in a little and don’t insist on an uncompromising attitude. Do not worry if something takes time to solve because in this cycle of retrograde planets everything comes when it should and not when it wants. In love, there is the possibility of an unexpected commitment or sentimental declaration. Don’t forget that you have Jupiter and Pluto retrograde, which slows down certain limiting repercussions.

Action is the keyword today. So relax and enjoy. Put a touch of mischief in your dealings with others, and look for ways to escape reality. Even for a little while. Give the obvious an unexpected ending. Faced with contradictory opinions, conflict could arise; but remember that a little grace and carefree can remedy any situation.scorpio daily horoscope for today sunday may 16th 2021

You will tend to speak too fast today. Avoid blunders, think differently, and above all, stay moderate. By arguing endlessly to defend your cause, you feel drained. Flee sterile chatter! This Sunday, May 16th, your initiatives will be encouraged throughout the day. You assert your plans and impose yourself on the community. You finally feel understood: it is an encouraging situation that you must not let pass. A thirst for the meeting is emerging today. Nice, energies facilitate emotional starts and beginner romances! What are you looking for? This day invites you to choose in your heart of hearts, the sentimental direction you want to take!

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope of Love, Health, Work, Money, and Family for 16th May 2021

If at a certain moment you feel uncomfortable about something you heard, the best thing you can do is not to vent your anger but rather meditate on the scope that your words can have in order not to hurt those you love. Don’t let recklessness or bad words spoil a relationship and take happiness and love away from you.

For natives of the sign who have been living as a couple for several years, the situation could take an unexpected turn that will surprise you. You may be called upon to question the relationship that unites you to the other and to wonder about the follow-up to be given to your story. Above all, don’t indulge yourself in making a decision you might regret, and take stock of the consequences that rash action could have. This situation will be due to Mercury’s unfavorable position against you and could last a few days.

The effort and flair for business that you have put at the service of your work finally pay off. You can expect positive changes very shortly. Today you probably feel vibrant with energy, and decide to give the house a thorough cleaning. However, don’t try to do it alone. You will need to conserve your energy. Let the other members of the family help you!

The planetary sensitivity that is affecting your sign on this day can cause nervous disorders if you let the problems and daily stresses occupy your mind instead of relaxing as indicated this Sunday.

You may experience a feeling of melancholy that you will have a hard time letting go of. The nostalgia for a bygone era is likely to overwhelm you and will create a heavy atmosphere around you. This sensation that will accompany you throughout the day is due to the position of Pluto in your astral sky. To ventilate yourself a little and to find a little energy, do not hesitate to go for a long walk which will allow you to oxygenate yourself and get your ideas back.

This is a good time to pay attention to your body. Have you been eating healthy and exercising regularly? It can be quite a challenge. And although you will feel tired, the correct care of your health is the most important thing. Try to invest in your own well-being. Take stimulating vitamins or herbs to bring your body back into balance. Walk and feel the contact with the Earth.

Due to the special tone that your scorpion sign is shading today, you can be too incredulous and suspicious even of those closest to you and spoil the possibility of extra work associated with a very close sincere friendship.

Today is a perfect day to find yourself new vocations. A change would be good for you, whether in the workplace or personal. Just be careful not to do things rashly as you could bump into others or, even worse, crash into a wall. Reflect well on what path you want to take to fulfill yourself as a person and draw up your plan of attack. You are a very good strategist.

Commercial success is to be expected, suddenly your finances will take off. Fruitful negotiations are underway, very quickly they will satisfy you. You could not have hoped for better, the money goes into your purse, you are happy. The activity you start is the right one and will bring you succulent fruits. You finish paying the debts that were oppressing you. You find a way to free yourself from your commitments. You are finally reaping the rewards of your efforts.

Money and Luck
A wave of prosperity surrounds you, but at the same time of caution because if you become too ambitious trying to cover more than you can or do what you are not fully capable of, you could lose money. [maxbutton id=”8″ ]

Today will be a good day to laze around and rest. And why not? It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, there is a time for everything. If you find that your mind is full of important thoughts, it would be a good idea if you write them down in a journal, or talk about them with someone. After this, you will discover that it is much easier for you to relax. Take steps to give your brain and body a chance to rejuvenate.

Your natural goodness turns against you. You refuse to plead your case for fear of arousing jealousy. By dint of wanting to escape the competition, you see young wolves pass you by. Your scruples are laudable but in practice far from profitable. Showing off your skills does not necessarily mean crushing others or being guilty of immodesty. Think about it because to devalue yourself too much, you end up discrediting yourself.

Family and Friends
You will tend to be too protective of a loved one who could blame you. Indeed, encouraged by the position of Uranus in your sky, you will show initiative but it could be perceived as intrusion if you are not careful. Channel this energy by planning an outing with family or friends. Those whose Ascendant is an Earth sign should nevertheless beware of certain resentments that could resurface when you thought the tensions subsided.

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