Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 17th January 2021

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 17th January 2021

The secret of harmony? Good communication! What you decide to do today is well sponsored astrally with the movement of Mercury to the air element, direct. Opportunities abound in your environment even if they are not presented openly but subtly in the form of hints, hints, invitations. This is a day of surprises and joy, but also a lot of work, movement, and visits. Take care of your time and do not go to dilute yourself doing things that do not lead to anything. It is time to learn from past experiences. Fortunately, many aspects of your life are now receiving a great boost, especially love and money. A dream will be revealing.

Today your communication skills will be strong. You have always been good with words, but today you will be a star! You’ll discover that the right words are there whenever you need them and that they flow easily from your mouth. Whether you are trying to make a sale or impress someone you are romantically interested in, you will go a long way today.scorpio daily horoscope 17th january 2021

An invitation to a social or sporting event puts you in contact with someone from the past who you find very changed and awakens loving feelings in you. If the two of you are single there is no reason to wait. Follow your hunches, Scorpio!

Today your romantic side could take control. You may feel inspired to take your loved one out to dinner or to make a grand gesture like a proposal. Perhaps it is the energy of the alignment of the planets that gives you a little nudge. Or maybe you are already ready to experience greater closeness and happiness with your soulmate. Today do not be afraid to open up and express your feelings.

You should think about sparing a little more your spouse who regularly suffers the consequences of your relatively gloomy character at the time. You are lucid and you see that the situation is likely to get out of hand if you do not get back in hand quickly. You know how to be lenient with your friends but can sometimes seem bossy within your relationship. Try to show a little more kindness towards your partner if you want to enjoy a bright future in their company.

Set aside time in your schedule for meditation and relaxation. You are very excited lately and require a period of mental calm. If you can enter a yoga course or similar practice it will be extremely beneficial.

Today you do not want to settle for being the second in your personal life. You will be in a demanding and analytical mood. You will search the personal ads in newspapers and magazines to find a possible candidate. You will eliminate them all from your list! You will feel a little frustrated regarding romances, but don’t be discouraged. You can attend social settings where people with similar interests hang out.

A stroke of fatigue looms and you feel the need to limit the damage. You are right because this temporary slack makes you more vulnerable to viruses and other germs lying around. You will therefore have to put your immune system back on its feet. Get as much exposure as possible to natural light, stock up on vitamins, get back the hours of sleep you miss, and, above all, pay particular attention to the warning signals your body sends out. It would be a shame to fall ill after all these efforts.

The time spent today to clean the house, fix the cabinets, and put your domestic affairs in order will be reversed positively in the way you take advantage of the work week that you have in front of you starting next Monday.

Your natural idealism may be heightened today by a new sense of service to others, especially the less fortunate. You may be reflecting on health issues or animal rights. This concern may be related to your work, but you are more likely to do this business in your spare time. It also benefits you, because it improves your confidence and your faith in yourself.

Money and Luck
The Moon is in your sign and fortune can unexpectedly touch you in a contest, competition, or raffle. If you are invited to attend a casino with some friends, follow your intuitive impulses and you may have very pleasant surprises at random. Scorpio Luck Today

Your mind always tends to be fast and agile, but today you will see that it is going thousands of kilometers per hour as a result of information received through books, newspapers, television, and/or the Internet. The talks will also contribute. You will decide to accept new and innovative concepts that will expand your horizons. At some point, do a workout. You need to balance the mental with the physical.

Your wallet looks grim. You have to admit that you tend to overspend. Fortunately, you are a very lucky person. Your luck factor will save you from bankruptcy once again. Your professional situation is experiencing worrying variations. So as not to lose your footing, you define stable and balanced working bases that reassure you. Refuse external solicitations to avoid getting involved in an issue that is too complicated for you and which would end in failure.

Family and Friends
May the natives of the sign be reassured: no file or family secret will upset the serenity of their home today! Moreover, in this sector, everything should happen calmly, without conflicts or particular concerns. Only the presence of Mercury, in a slightly unfavorable aspect, could come to break this tranquility by making you a little irritable. Everything will be fine if you stay tuned to the members of your household and don’t get on your high horse for anything and everything. Otherwise, you will needlessly bawl yourself out.

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