Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 19th June 2022

The solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10 impacted the 8th house, a very deep house, so your emotions will be intense and to that same extent will be the potential for transformation that this energy will generate in you. Deep aspects of your psyche will emerge and you will be able to name and understand them, thus contributing to a healing process. Doors are opening towards mysticism, it is an important moment to explore that need and approach that world with consciousness and high energy to connect with divinity.

The presence of the sign of Taurus in the 7th house can cool down your love feelings somewhat. If you do not have a partner, you will be looking for an intelligent, generous, faithful, sensual and attractive person. It is a time when you should spend time with your family, make sure it is meaningful. You will experience an expansion within the family and you will be very interested in family matters.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

Your own franchise will do you good. This is the time to correct misunderstandings by having an open-hearted dialogue. You will keep the best of your form by devoting yourself more to exchanges with your loved ones. Your creativity gives you promising ideas, take the time to study them. Your efficiency is at its zenith, which also allows you to launch new projects, well beyond everyday life.

You can move forward if you’re convinced, and when you are, there’s no stopping you. You also have the art of making your colleagues adhere to your point of view. Today, the moon endows you with an uncommon strength of conviction, you will motivate your troops! Today, a change of atmosphere: a dynamic sky animates everyday life with lightness, fluid and rapid communications, critical thinking, humor and easy adaptations. You could be offered responsibilities in recognition of your years of good and loyal service. It is true that your investment deserves reward and that you are ready to take the plunge. Take the time to think things through and have your back covered.

Neptune from the house of romance predisposes you to start a romantic relationship with someone of a spiritual nature. Although this position could also fall in love in a platonic sense and live the romance only in your imagination. Freedom darling! The atmosphere of the day increases your ability to assume yourself without sentimental crutches, love becomes important but not vital!

Fertile reactions, very energetic influxes, you operate at lightning speed! As a couple: You are invited by the influxes of the day to connect with your other half by the love that unites you but also by a feeling of belonging greater than you. Brotherhood mixes with marital feelings, be his best friend! Single: Today’s emotional energies herald an increase in your creative potential! So dare what is out of the ordinary, what surprises even what shocks! Your chances of encounters will be real if you frankly dare to stand out.

With the influences of the sign of Aries in the house of health today you will be prone to headaches. Some plan a trip abroad: for leisure or study. The projects are going well. This generates opportunities that motivate you, while supporting a beautiful inner balance. You move forward with serenity, but with passion.

The energy of the work house suggests a high degree of independence in the workplace, it is a time when you will want to work individually, since you will not feel comfortable working in a team or with groups. Going new is what you should do except that you hesitate again and again, you have trouble moving forward in your projects.

A questioning will be the obligatory passage for a radical change. Honest people who are sensitive to your needs are at your side to support your projects. For the good evolution of your finances, do not hesitate to ask them for their opinion.

To accumulate material and financial resources, you must be clear about what you value and what you do not. With the Part of Fortune in the 2nd house, financial accumulation can also be linked to the value you place on yourself in a sense of personal value and to that extent you will be able to sell your knowledge or services. The stars protect your rights which gives you carte blanche to close a deal. If you want to make an investment you are supported. Thanks to the support of competent and influential people, the situation turns to your advantage.

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