Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 22nd November 2020

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 22nd November 2020

Did you know that you are starting a new life, Scorpio? Your birthday cycle is over and you have on your side the triple-positive energy of your direct ruler, of direct Mercury in your sign, and Mars also in your sign. This is a Sunday when your astral landscape modifies and changes. Do not despair if something appears at the last minute that forces you to make decisions other than those you had in mind for this weekend because what seems negative is not really. This is the time to open up to the new, to life, to the things that come to you without asking. If you have a partner you are entering what is called the consolidation stage and if you are single you will not feel any kind of emptiness but rather you will happily take this loneliness as a period to be with yourself.

You enjoy all the freedom that your wonderful creativity gives you; you are a free thinker. But if you want to make the most of this freedom, your creations must be doable and consistent. The prevailing atmosphere today can help you think about this. A friend can give you some suggestions. Listen to it! It’s for your good. Relax a little and do not be so anxious because your love and work affairs are going from strength to strength today. If you had a problem it will have disappeared as if by magic. Realize that life is putting you on a plate so that you can enjoy everything that surrounds you and that takes you away from worries. Start being a little more positive and pay close attention to what you have around you because you are missing an opportunity that would suit you professionally. On a sentimental level, you tend to live more from fantasy than from reality. You would do well to balance the two because life is not a movie and sometimes you have to step firmly on the ground. Your boy is waiting for you to decide something important, do it now and don’t dream so much.scorpio daily horoscope 22nd november 2020

Now that your birthday cycle is over, you must make an important decision for your emotional life. Be guided by your intuitions, but do not ignore your experience and knowledge of life. Fortunately, you now have the double energy of Mars and Mercury in direct transit, and that combination inspires, encourages, and stimulates you, Scorpio.

The presence of Mercury in your Sky could create tension in your relationship today: these discords should not last too long, otherwise, your relationship will be severely weakened. Start by focusing on the main points of contention, ask yourself if these are real problems or just misunderstandings, and only then can you consider defusing the bomb. Single, don’t throw yourself headlong into a newfound relationship.

Today you will learn to use new technology. You are not always the fastest in studying computer tools, but today you will not find difficulties in understanding everything. It may be time to familiarize yourself with the business possibilities that exist on the Internet, creating a Web page to promote your professional services or share your business ideas with others. It’s a good day to think ahead and figure out how to use these “space-age” tools.

Do not do what may compromise your health or be driven by reckless impulses. If you want to solve all pending issues in a single day, you would be overwhelmed with worries and end up with migraines and headaches, as well as a lot of stress or nervous tension.

May this day be a time of personal recovery, in which you achieve peace and tranquility. Trust yourself and others. You have to be realistic about the current situation. If you are going through important changes in your life, have the firm conviction that whatever the result, everything will be good. Remember that there are no mistakes but experiences.

Thank Neptune for giving the natives of your sign excellent immune defenses today. An ocean of sick people surround you: all around you, coughs, sneezes, all kinds of ailments are legion. It looks like you are falling through the cracks of microbes and bacteria right now and so much the better! On the other hand, the resistance of your body does not exempt from some elementary preventive measures given the risky circumstances: a course of propolis and absolutely no excess.

You must apply your willpower and creative energy to counteract the negativity of certain co-workers who wish to involve you in their personal problems causing you to delay in your affairs. Take action and change what needs to be changed, Scorpio.

Today the planets will create fun moments for you and your loved ones. You’ll want to get off work early to attend a social event together. You will want to make yourself see at a party or musical concert. You will want to do something outside of your routine. Think outside the box, and try to do something special.

Money and Luck
An inheritance, legacy, or court ruling puts you on the right track and even if finances are not at the desired level, you are on the right track. You receive money after signing certain papers and resolving pending legal issues. Scorpio Luck Today

You might feel some tension emanating from your colleagues today. This comes from the nefarious influence of Jupiter which arrives in the 4th house and brings in its wake a climate conducive to jealousy. A misunderstanding following an event that took place a few days ago could be at the origin of this gloomy climate. Try to explain the situation calmly to make your point of view and to show understanding for the reluctance expressed by some.

These last few days you must have felt a bit distracted from your personal life. But today your thoughts can turn to that special person in your life. You may find that you want to spend more time with your girlfriend or maybe if you are single, you are trying to understand who you want to be with. It is a good day to get in touch with your side to relate and decide what you need to be truly happy.

Family and Friends
Your relationships with members of your household will prove to be turbulent, even explosive today. The conflicting relations that reign between Mars and Neptune in the family domain has a lot to do with it: on the one hand, you feel vulnerable, on the other, you are overcome by impatience and a certain aggressiveness. Whether it is with your parents, your spouse, or your children, you should therefore avoid subjects conducive to outbursts. And keep in mind that it’s easier to admit your mistakes when you’re not already blamed.

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