Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 23rd September 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 23rd September 2018

There are no problems, if you know how to act without haste or precipitation wanting to do in a day which requires more time.

However, due to the retrograde transit of your ruler, Pluto, you might think that they are cheating or betraying you, when the truth is that it is only assumptions. Do not let yourself be dragged into a fight by jealousy and let your free and spontaneous, deep and intuitive character always work.

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Some contradictory ideas are causing concerns and creating anxiety in your sentimental life. Do not give them a place in your head and you will see that they do not prosper. Happily in this next month of October, already at the doors, you will have the love of your part, and what you long for will translate into something concrete for you.

Take care properly. If in the afternoon you experience some stomach disorder, take it as a signal that your body sends you to attend to your food more and to make it as rational and appropriate as possible. Avoid heavy dinners when going to sleep.

You must act with tact, caution and discretion in all your work activities because due to the retrograde influence of your regent, the planetoid Pluto, you tend to get disorganized and that can cause delays in your work. Proceeding with determination there will be nothing to regret.

Money and Luck
Get organized to the maximum so that you do not have difficulties in a business trip where you could lose money if you do not do things the way you should. The way in which you put your conditions will be those that will give you the desired success and the economic development that is waiting for you.