Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 2nd December 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 2nd December 2018

Due to the transit of Jupiter by your sign you notice some agitation around you that could disturb you making you think about problems nonexistent in your work. Do not be alarmed because you are now in a productive cycle and you will fulfill your objectives without losing your job.

Your intuition is receiving good planetary waves that will help you recover the lost trust in sentimental matters and get your emotional life moving forward. Fine-tune your sixth sense and you will suddenly find unexpected money in the middle of an unexpected trip.scorpio daily horoscope today sunday 2nd december 2018

Follow your impulses and your magnificent intuition because today you can get the love you so long for and the recent separation will be forgotten. Do not rush, let everything happen and soon there will be a cycle of happy unions because in this stage you are more seductive and conquering than ever, Scorpio.

Do not worry about a minor alteration in your pulse or heart rate because many times these disorders have their origin in emotions, but if you persist or have a history of heart problems or blood pressure consult your doctor.

You will be very busy in a new position that you must assume to face the changes in your company. Do not be discouraged if you initially make some mistakes because when you start something new this is not a serious problem.

Money and Luck
There are chances of a favorable outcome in a lottery or casino game. However, do not get too excited and if you start to win, retire in time to not lose what you earn, trust more in your scorpion intuitions.

By Mary Emma

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