Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 13th December 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 13th December 2018

If you insist on a stubborn attitude, do things by following a routine and without opening yourself to the world, you would be losing opportunities. It is a moment of expansion. This day when the Moon enters your sign you will notice how your sentimental landscape expands and strengthens.

You are at a very important moment in your sentimental reality as many confusing questions are going to be clarified in a concrete way in these coming days. There is an inclination to work outside the house on a night shift that can be positive for a while, but not permanently. If you are looking to increase your income that way, adjust your schedules beforehand.scorpio daily horoscope today thursday 13th december 2018

Do not let yourself be drawn into situations of emotional confrontation with the person you love and set in motion the internal resources of Scorpio that is now receiving the direct energy of Jupiter’s transit by your sign. Solve the emotional difficulties with love, and with a greater attention to your partner.

Your rebellious temperament could cause you problems if you put yourself to do things your way because that attitude is not the most convenient if you suffer from some discomfort that requires medical observation. Do not neglect yourself and you will not complicate your health.

The success of today is to put things in their place and not only act on impulse. If you are going to do something, harmonize your initiative with your real working conditions so that your ambitions do not exceed your expectations and desires, Scorpio.

Money and Luck
If the results you are achieving in a business are positive do not stop, continue down that road, and if you find resistance adapt to your realities, especially when it comes to money, then there will be much at stake shortly.

By Mary Emma

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