Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st November 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st November 2018

On this Thursday, follow your intuitions and hunches and you will see how what seemed impossible becomes a tangible and fruitful reality. That distant person is looking for you, do not get impatient, if you suffered a disappointment you are now on the path of loving reconciliation. You will have your mind working completely in another direction for a new interest that comes to you through a group meeting or social event. You will find yourself at some point surfing the Internet to gather more information related to that topic. You will also try to locate others who share your same interest. The books and videos will be of great value to you.

It will require a lot of patience on your part in a work project that seems endless and is taking more than the bill. It is not the time of the precipitations but rather to wait and trust your personal resources. Take advantage of the existing combination between Jupiter and Venus to carry out your projects.

A blind date, perhaps through the Internet or through a third person produces excellent results. However, do not give it all on the first date and explore the possibilities of starting a much more stable and promising relationship. Today you will feel the need to contact family members who live far away. It is often easy to lose touch with loved ones who live in another state. Communicating regularly requires extra effort. Today you will enjoy calling an uncle or a brother. Or maybe you should send an email to your favorite cousin. Do not forget the old friends either. It can be fun to exchange news with that old college or college buddy.

Moment to go thinking about your next medical evaluation if you have not done your periodic review. Do not let the year end without going to your health professional, take care of minor symptoms, prevent and take care of yourself. Today you will surround yourself with positive and charming people. You will meet certain kinds of interesting people in a business meeting or conference. You will feel infected by your charismatic energy. It’s a good day to learn from mentors like these, who will inspire you to be more assertive. You are a great communicator, but sometimes you are too shy. You will benefit by imitating the audacious way in which these people handle themselves.

Concentrate your attention on what interests you and do not occupy what others say. You can not stay well with everyone, and if you follow your principles, ideas and motivations without getting sidetracked by setbacks you will gain a lot in your work. Your ingenuity and imagination today will abandon you, and it will not be easy for you to produce for your work the high levels of quality to which you are accustomed. Maybe it will be better to keep busy with routine tasks that you develop automatically, and if you can, put your creative attempts to wait for your brain to get going. Do not be proud or shy to ask for help. Do not give up.

Money and Luck
The perspectives that are emerging in your economic horizon are encouraging and therefore you must act with intelligence, but also daring, and leave aside the negative or pessimistic ideas that often prevent you from achieving your goals and have nothing to do with your super scorpion sign. An information that you rescue from the depths of your psyche can reveal a great idea to increase your income, or improve your personal life. It could be something you’ve read and forgotten or it could be something you’ve heard about in a restaurant. Whatever it is, take it with care, and if you see that the information is correct and useful, take advantage of it. In these days, luck will be presented in strange ways!

By Mary Emma

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