Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 23rd June 2022

You are a wonderful strategist. Even if you don’t work very hard for your own spiritual growth, you can often help others achieve their goals. Your practical and logical nature helps keep yourself and others on track to achieve the kind of success they never dreamed possible otherwise. You can cut through any chaotic situation to achieve peace and clarity, as your organizational skills are second to none.

Jupiter in Pisces brings good luck when he is tender, devoted, generous and compassionate. He loves taking care of those less fortunate than you. Helping others fills a need deep within you. He is empathic, you can feel the pain of the world. You want to do everything you can to ease this pain and make it better. You can feel imaginative and creative, you can express yourself through the arts. You can be very talented with healing arts of all kinds.


With Neptune in the 7th house there is a chance that the victim/rescuer archetype will come into play. This happens when the individual falls in love with the illusion that he is going to save the person. It is commonly known as the syndrome of falling in love with injured birds. The person unconsciously falls in love with someone who gives him a clue that he needs help and some form of rescue.

With Jupiter in Pisces we can be more attracted to visual and sound healing techniques, as well as energy work of all kinds. Art, music, and dramatic therapy become more prominent with this aspect. The connection between prayer, heart power and global healing will surely get more attention from you.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Thursday 23rd June 2022

Scorpio, it is difficult for you to save, but you know that it is necessary, in the future you will appreciate it. Don’t spend too much because you’re going to have to spend money on the house soon. In your work there will be tension, stay out of it. If you had planned to do some business with a Virgo, it will probably work out for you. Your relations with your in-laws will improve and your partner will be happy.

In love, everything will depend on how you are, on the attitude you have. Do not be surprised if the person you least expect starts courting you, you will arouse envy. You need to organize your schedule so you don’t get overwhelmed. Try to take care of yourself for good health. You are too nervous and that does not let you appreciate things clearly. Taking a short trip or displacement is something that would really suit you, try to do it. Eat moderately, you will avoid annoying indigestion and you will feel much better.


your love horoscope 23rd june 2022
Scorpio Love Horoscope for 23rd June 2022

Pisces in the 5th house gives you a high degree of emotionality and vulnerability in your relationships with your loved one. There is extreme sentimentality in love affairs and a high degree of disinterest. At the same time, due to the inherent uncertainty and initial excitement of the object of your feelings, it often happens that you might be disappointed in your relationship.

Circumstances will allow you to improve your marital relations. But there will still be a lot to do to give your life as a couple all the charm possible. You will have to accept to control your instinct of ownership and to be more tolerant. Single, you recently gave those around you the impression of calming down and seriously considering settling down. Only, the taste for conquest will take you back this time all the more, and you will seduce with all your might, without worrying about your sentimental future!

As a couple: How long has it been since you took the time to surprise your partner? Let your naturalness speak, you will find the inspiration that will allow you to go ahead of his desires, or even to satisfy certain fantasies that had never been formulated. The little touches will be greatly appreciated, whatever the area in which you lavish them. Single: you are full of fantasy, do not change anything and listen to your most unexpected desires. It makes you irresistible!


health horoscope 23rd june 2022
Scorpio Health Horoscope for 23rd June 2022

Your obsession with projecting an apparent strong personality may be exhausting you, because you could really be a person who constantly seeks approval. Between your excess of work and your absurd arrogance, you may be generating many headaches.

It is the energy generated by Jupiter in the 6th house. The present astral combination will incite you to overeating. You will probably find it very difficult to control yourself so that you do not gorge yourself on what does not suit you.

“Any healthy man is a sick man who does not know he is.”Cancer, anxious by nature, you seem to have been a little too influenced by this ramblings. You are not quiet and you examine yourself to the navel to find out what is wrong with you. But it’s okay, relax! On the other hand, by dint of observing yourself from every angle, you risk catching a torticollis. Learn to put things into perspective and enjoy life, without always imagining the worst.


work and job horoscope 23rd june 2022
Scorpio Work Horoscope for 23rd June 2022

It is difficult to confine Jupiter to a small space to work, perhaps traveling in connection with work would suit you for now. It’s the ability to combine new and exciting experiences with the meticulous and honed skills you have to work with.

You will have the opportunity to give a new direction to your professional life if you have not obtained any satisfaction so far. Very good astral aspects will help you to have a clear view of your situation and to play to your strengths. You will have no trouble getting various benefits.

Money and Luck

money and luck horoscope 23rd june 2022
Scorpio Money and Luck Horoscope for 23rd June 2022

Libra in your house 2 gives you a somewhat adventurous and restless character. For this reason you can easily get involved in all kinds of adventures, you can become a mediator in incomprehensible facts or intricate scams. People with the 2nd house in Libra are extravagant, your financial affairs could often be in a tense state.

No need to deceive you: the day will be perilous. Pluto in this aspect is definitely going to make waves financially. Beware of your current hunches like the plague; and do not take any important financial decision, whether buying, selling, investing or speculating.

The natives of the second decan of your sign will have to avoid important meetings and professional appointments today. The day is not favorable because of the astral atmosphere. You will find it difficult to make yourself understood and your interlocutors will not make an effort. Don’t panic, you just have to be patient and the day will be less difficult to face. On the other hand, financially all the natives of your sign will be safe. Do not invest anyway without asking for advice from those around you.

Family and Friends

your family and Friends horoscope 23rd june 2022
Scorpio Family and Friends Horoscope for 23rd June 2022

If you have children, the day promises to be uneventful. Perhaps they will be a little more withdrawn than usual; but don’t worry about it, because it will only be temporary. A quiet atmosphere dominates life at home. You divide your days between your professional and household obligations.

If you find all this a little too monotonous, it’s up to you to offer a fun activity for the whole family. The difficulty will probably be to find an idea that will appeal to both children and adults. A problem that you can quickly solve by suggesting that you make a list of everyone’s ideas that you will come to pick for the next few times.

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