Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 25th April 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 25th April 2019

Do not get impatient, there are solutions on the way and although there are some mishap the best thing is that you will overcome them in an expeditious and direct way. Whoever loves you should do it for your inner qualities and not for external appearances.

Sometimes you take things out of proportion, and that does not suit you especially today that you are under the effluvium of Jupiter’s retrograde transit by your sign attached to the movement of Venus. Be natural, yourself and do not go to extremes spending more than you can or exaggerating the note in everything.scorpio daily horoscope today thursday 25th april 2019

During this cycle you are receiving the magnificent influence of Venus which tilts the balance in your favor and compensates for it. You will feel loved and what you long ago wanted to have by your side and you get it, love and romance, both holding hands.

Take advantage of your Thursday to relax with yours, but above all to put order in your house. If something is watered, disorganized and stirred your energy dissipates and causes internal fears.

You are in a good planetary cycle, but you must take advantage of it with intelligence and not throw away, at a stroke, your current employment relationship. Be prudent in the steps you intend to take.

Money and Luck
When everything seems more difficult and money does not appear anywhere, you will discover how to improve your economy and unexpected solutions will appear. In this current cycle everything is possible, you just need patience.

By Mary Emma

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