Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 3rd January 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 3rd January 2019

Eye, a lot of Scorpion eye. This Thursday things are not exactly as you think but in another way and you should see them with your natural intelligence so that you get the best possible match.

Everything is changing, even love and friendship have different faces. The time is coming to create new experiences and not continue living from memories that are already part of history and not of the present. Several factors coincide in your astral horizon and create an astrological landscape that will allow you to earn more money within a very short time.scorpio daily horoscope today thursday 3rd january 2018

There are situations from the past that continue to gravitate in your sentimental life and if you keep dragging them into the present they will prevent you from fully enjoying life and enjoying the harmonic relationship that you are now having in your affective landscape.

The planetary aspects will greatly enhance your recovery if you suffer from problems associated with the back or spinal column in general. You are in a good planetary cycle and in a frank process of total restoration.

The people who surround you today in your work may be adopting an attitude that is too comfortable and causing difficulties in your work activity. Do your thing, do not overdo your responsibilities and make it clear how far you should go.

Money and Luck
If you do not want to lose money or have complications in your economic affairs, you should keep a very clear thought and distrust contracts or propositions that have too many conditions or unconvincing clauses.

By Mary Emma

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