Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 14th November 2017

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 14th November 2017

The impact of the moon on your opposite sign during this day of your birthday cycle will attract a new job, career or profession to your life, which will be very profitable for you, Scorpio. It is time to press for better working conditions and leave a paralysis in your bureaucratic procedures, service provision and salaries.

This is a day to analyze it adequately because there are apparently very good economic development paths before you, but deep down, you will have to be very selective before deciding. Love is dressed in a costume of interrogation and expectations because you will be in the midst of situations and new scenarios that will inspire you and attract to your side those who are worthwhile.scorpio daily horoscope of 14th november 2017

Scorpio Love Horoscope14th November 2017
There is nothing comparable to reconciliation and in this planetary cycle, it is preferable to give in to losing a relationship so if that is your case you already know what you must do to have a great week in your love life. You have devoted a lot of yourselves to the efforts to bring about a perfect harmony within your couple, both from a domestic and sexual point of view. This goal will be fully achieved today thanks to the support of Uranus. Your joy will be without shadows. If you are single, you will look down on those who will try to charm you, what is not the best way to find happiness for two!

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Scorpio Health
Combine properly your exercises and your diet and do not overdo what you are doing because due to existing planetary influences you are prone to eat too much which could lead to an increase in weight and body mass. Neptune in bad appearance can make you small misery on the health side. Nothing serious, but you risk feeling without spring, and have a moral not very flamboyant. The solution? Take vitamins, and surround yourself with positive people, or better yet, that make you laugh.

Scorpio Work 14th November 2017
Your work life is at a very positive stage and the astrological environment around you is creative so put your scorpion ingenuity to work so that you can get your work issues afloat and achieve what you really deserve. You will discover formidable qualities of flying. To achieve your business goals, you will not hesitate to get out of your shell and take significant risks. Far from worrying, the prospects for change will stimulate you. You will show remarkable confidence and composure.

Scorpio Money Horoscope14th November 2017
There are no major astrological aspects affecting your economy, on the contrary, and this astral congruence will give you a margin of economic advantage and possibilities of profit especially starting next Wednesday, you will see surprises with your money. Saturn in this aspect should allow you to manage your budget well. But it can also push you to significant expenses. The risk of impulsivity will be great. Be careful, it will not be time to hang out in the shops!

All your initiatives concerning the family will be welcomed with enthusiasm. Remember to consider the personality of each member of your household, and everything will be fine. But if you lack flexibility and understanding, you will get the opposite of what you want.

Social life
All work benefits, but chatter leads to scarcity. No words, then! Keep quiet whenever possible, as we always keep quiet about what we do not have to say. By talking to a lot, you risk saying nonsense.