Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 17th November 2020

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 17th November 2020

A busy Tuesday with two sextiles of Pluto (one with the Sun and the other with Neptune) associated with the action of Mercury retrograde in your sign and a square with Mars, which is your coregent. Many times you have spoiled your present happiness by bringing up past situations or commenting with your partner about something that has already been solved. It is not at all convenient for you to do those things, less in these days of November in which Mercury, the planet of communications, is about to end its retrograde transit through your sign on the next day 20 and you could hurry to do what should wait.

Today your world can be somewhat confusing. Trying to understand what is happening may not be the easiest task. It is best not to seek the solution through rational thinking and the analytical process. The best thing would be to leave the subject to rest for now and return to it later when the facts are clearer. Get away from control and the desire to understand everything. Instead, relax and let the day take you wherever.scorpio daily horoscope 17th november 2020


This Tuesday your ruler Pluto makes a conjunction with Saturn, both directions. There are positive changes associated with a trip or a social invitation where you will meet very interesting people who, with their mere presence, will help you get out of an unstable emotional situation and put you back on a blissful and happy path. If, on the other hand, that is not your case then do not worry because things are better than you may think.

Today you may have to present some paper related to financial matters. You are in the mood to live some adventure, physical or romantic. They may tempt you to take part in extreme sports like rafting or cross-country skiing. You may decide to participate in group meetings to see what networking opportunities they offer … not to mention romantic partners! Take care! Have fun, but proceed with caution.

Jupiter will influence your romantic relationships if you are single. You will meet interesting people and you will probably find someone you will have a good time with. If you are in a relationship, don’t let your guard down and don’t let doubts set in. Take charge immediately by clarifying the situation with your spouse. Express yourself clearly and without raising your voice. Both of you will come out of this discussion stronger and more united than ever.

It is a suitable day to practice physical exercises and carry out the health plans that you proposed at the beginning of the year. If you are still not losing weight or smoking, do not be discouraged because you have all the will in the world if you put your mind to it. In a few weeks 2020 will begin, do not let it happen the same as other times that you propose many wonders and then you end up not fulfilling any, or very few.

Today your things should work relatively well, and you should have no problem communicating your ideas to others. More than that, you will be able to communicate without speaking, you will simply feel things instead of saying them verbally. Your receptivity to other people’s problems is strong, so use your receptive nature to help heal people’s emotional wounds. Just make sure you don’t end up carrying their load.

Know how to consume good things sparingly or you will have to face the consequences without delay. You might be tempted to give free rein to your desires but that is not very wise for this day which is not shaping up to be the best auspices. You will indeed suffer the harmful effects of Pluto likely to trigger the appearance of gastric or digestive concerns. Be vigilant, eat and drink in moderation and you will limit the risks involved.

Prepare for a productive and intense workday during these final days of your Scorpio birthday cycle that are now in front of you. Go to bed early tonight and get enough rest so that tomorrow you will be in optimal physical and mental condition.

The new ideas that you have been studying in the last few days will lead your mind in a different direction. Also, you will change the concepts that you have always accepted, for others just learned. This will lead you to projects of your own, perhaps related to writing or speaking. Honest and open communication with your crush will guide you towards an intimate evening together. They will have an extensive conversation – among other things!

Money and Luck
Do not waste or squander your resources because the money saved will be very useful in a few days and you can put it to better use. In this scorpion birthday cycle, there are many surprises, and your financial life is in a process of growth. Success is haunting you. [maxbutton id=”8″ ]

You will decide to take a closer look at your personal budget. You are not always good at saving money. Sometimes you are very generous to those you love, inviting them out to dinner, and offering financial help. This speaks well for you, but you don’t have much savings left! Try to make a list of what you have spent lately. By paying attention, you will soon find a way to build a better financial future for yourself.

Your wallet looks grim. You have to admit that you tend to overspend. Fortunately, you are a very lucky person. Your luck factor will save you from bankruptcy once again. Your professional situation is experiencing worrying variations. So as not to lose your footing, you define stable and balanced working bases that reassure you. Refuse external solicitations to avoid getting involved in an issue that is too complicated for you and which would end in failure.

Family and Friends
A growing sense of loneliness has been tearing you apart lately. This is probably because some people around you are entering a new chapter in their life while you are not completely satisfied with your personal progress. Don’t turn your back on your plans and be careful not to make hasty decisions. This feeling of temporary abandonment will soon wear off and you will get back on your feet in less time than it takes to tell.

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