Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 23rd October 2018

A walk in the light of the Moon, a park or any place where there is privacy will serve you tonight to change the routine. This is the time of the constructive talk. Today, you will expand your horizons. Together with a friend you will plan a vacation that you were waiting for. It could be a trip by air, crossing the ocean. The trip will be primarily for pleasure, but will be linked to a place that you have been very interested in knowing, therefore we could say that it is also an educational trip. You have much ahead. Do your best and enjoy it.

Your popularity is increasing and you attract love by your side, but be very careful because if you have a stable relationship you could put her in danger with so much coquetry and flirting. You should make some changes in the way you are treating your partner, if you want to keep it. No jealousy or possessive arguments. If you work with emotional maturity you can leave a minor fight in oblivion.

Try to be more sweet and tender in this period. A word, a gesture, a gift or tender detail is the secret to keep alive the spark of passion. Do not miss this opportunity to deepen your emotional ties with your current relationship. It is likely that today you feel full of energy, that you can take advantage of very well to face your tasks and projects and be left with the strength to move forward. In the intellectual aspect you work at full speed, with enough power to face any work that comes before you and complete it before you anticipate it. As your emotions have equal strength, the subsequent enthusiasm will be equally shocking. How lucky is your partner!

Watch your skin In this cycle there is a tendency to prolonged exposures to the sun that can cause damage. If you are going to a beach or similar place do not forget to protect yourself adequately with a cream that creates the necessary barrier so that the ultraviolet rays do not affect you. Today you will feel as if you lived in the fog. Disconcerting and interesting news will cross your path. It will be information of such a bizarre nature that you will find it difficult to accept them, even if the source is otherwise reliable. Conversations with others will seem vague and uncertain, since those around you do not feel at all communicative. You will have to rely on your intuition to discern how they feel.

This is a Tuesday of movement in your work so try to get up a little earlier because last minute complications arise that will keep you very busy. If you are unemployed organize your papers well, prepare for an interview and go ahead. You have a photographic memory and you remember all the details, but today even you can fall for the deceptive energy of the day. Distortion and misinformation are the rule rather than the exception, so pay close attention when making budgets or balances. The numbers you see in your mind so clearly can very well be wrong. Check your work again and again.

Money and Luck
Check your wardrobe and you will see that you do not need to spend extra money on clothes since with slight adjustments and a little imagination you will be totally renewing your wardrobe. If you have stored clothes that you no longer use, give them to the most needy and clarify your environment. What has happened to you? It seems that you have made a leap from “theory” to “practice”. You, who are generally good at ideas but not so good at carrying them out, today you are the one who is working in the trenches. Although you must admit that it feels good to comply with something concrete. Today nobody will stop you, finish with all the tasks one by one. Who would have thought that ordering could be so fun?

By Mary Emma

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