Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 29th September 2020

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 29th September 2020

The excellent aspect of your ruler Pluto who is placed in an auspicious sextile with Saturn, now direct. During this cycle, there will be nothing negative that can cloud your life or your happiness unless you let a dark thought enter your mind and your heart that spoils your relationship.

Do not insist on arguing with your partner, that attitude does not suit you, Scorpio. Also, don’t let a sad idea cloud you these days that you have in front of you. You are facing a situation that requires all your discipline to get out of it. The situations that are emerging in front of you from the September equinox, which will occur in a few hours, are highly positive.scorpio daily horoscope 29th september 2020

Scorpio, this day you will be in a hurry to fulfill everything that you have pending, whether in work or sentimental, take things slowly and or else everything will go wrong. You are an untidy person sometimes, but when you put your mind to it, you make everything look shiny, you are an overly intelligent person, which in many cases turns out to be more of a problem than a benefit. You are so clever that no one can lie to you, no one can cheat on you and if someone does it is sure that you already know it, try not to be suspicious, otherwise, you can never be happy.

You are entering the stage close to the equinox and the sentimental balance is positive Scorpio. During this period that is opening up these days, things begin to turn in a positive tone towards you helping you to better understand your feelings.

Speaking of love, in these days to come you can see some problems, you must have the character to face them, or else they will continue to grow, as advice, try to take things with more maturity. Today the stars warn you to be very careful with that person since it is likely that he hides certain things about his love life. Well, situations may arise for which you are not mentally prepared. The best thing to do right now is to look elsewhere for love.

Don’t stick to your archaic positions. You can cross the path of love anywhere! Perfectly, even at the supermarket checkout. You just have to wait for the right moment to approach the person. All the pretexts remain valid, even if it means asking for his help to catch the pack of milk. As a good Samaritan, he will not be able to refuse to render you this service. In return, for your first breakfast together, consider buying croissants to accompany the milk drink.

The revitalizing vibration that surrounds you will help you to assimilate the medicines, foods, and products that you are consuming at the moment to protect you and improve your health. These days you likely have some pain, you must visit your doctor, follow the recommendations. You must take better control of your meals, avoid eating food outside the home at all costs, try to walk 30 minutes a day this will help you a lot.

You are bursting with energy and vitality. However, do not think that your sleep needs are reduced. You need to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night to keep glowing. Your consumption of coffee or black tea should drastically reduce. To work out well and relieve the tensions that build up over the days, indulge in an intensive workout or a long walk in the forest.

A happy extra job opportunity is coming and in a few days, it will begin to crystallize favorably. It is something new for you, but the challenge to your intelligence will put your talent to the test and you will manage to emerge gracefully from the difficulties that arise. Maybe the time is coming when you should look for a job for yourself, or if you already have it then start thinking about finding another one that will pay off in a better way all your effort and dedication that you put in, you know that you have a lot to give and that The minimum you expect is a good payment at the end of the month.

Money and Luck
Concentrate your energy in one direction and in that way you can obtain concrete results in your economy. Don’t do many things at once, put your money on one side only. You must manage the money that is about to reach your hands very well, with this, try to pay some debts that you have and do not waste that money. Scorpio Luck Today

If you are worried about finances, try to be calm, little by little you will stabilize. Better times are coming for you and your family. You must recognize the mistakes you have previously made in your finances since the future of them depends on this. Today you should start proposing to improve your way of saving because otherwise, you will find yourself in the need to apply for a loan which is not good for your finances at this time.

Fatigue will be your worst enemy when it comes to working. You run the risk of not meeting your deadlines and falling behind. Get moving, stretch your legs whenever you have the chance. Also, a few vitamins or food supplements should help you keep Morpheus at bay without overwhelming you like coffee. Especially if you are on staggered schedules, you should not neglect your restful sleep. In the end, you will quickly regain your natural liveliness.

Family and Friends
You will tend to be too protective of a loved one who could blame you. Indeed, encouraged by the position of Uranus in your sky, you will show initiative but this could be perceived as intrusion if you are not careful. Channel this energy by planning an outing with family or friends. Those whose Ascendant is an Earth sign should nevertheless beware of certain resentments that could resurface when you thought the tensions subsided.

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