Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 11th July 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 11th July 2018

You must act with serenity because if you run immediately to clarify the gossip or suspicion you would be creating a climate of distrust that does not suit you at all. On this Wednesday, take advantage of the lunar influence to declare what you feel. Remember that you have your regent, the planetoid Pluto, retrograde, and certain delays may occur that you must assume sportingly.

Follow your intuitive impulses, but blend them with your common sense, and you will see how you resolve what seemed impossible to you. This is the moment when the initiative must start from your side. If you do not motivate yourself the conciliatory action you will have lost a good opportunity.scorpio daily horoscope wednesday 11th july 2018

Someone who in the past was extremely important returns to your side and opens your heart helping you to live again days of intense passion. Do not let hurt pride destroy a relationship, it’s not worth it.

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The area of the stomach is somewhat vulnerable during these days so take care when eating food that is not well cooked or consume it in street vendors that could be contaminated.

You will realize how you can perform other activities and actively diversify your talent. Beware of distractions especially if you are in a new economic activity in which there is money from others.

Money and Luck
Even if setbacks have occurred, now unforeseen situations will arise that will put you on the right path to increase your economy. It is your day of fortune in chance and you must be very alert because in dreams, premonitions and intuitions you will find important keys, Scorpio.