Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 12th July 2022

And that is because your 1st house has the presence of Fortune that will greatly benefit you with a very charismatic, magnetic and pleasant personality for other people and with this you will be able to connect very well with the people with whom you socialize today and enjoy good talks and meetings.

Pluto in your 3rd house is going to remove from your expressions and way of communicating everything that is not necessary to you and that are even negative attitudes that you adopt unconsciously; so you will be improving and making your communication and language much more practical.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wedne...
Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

The ideologies that you share with your partner are a very strong point of union that allows you to be very close to each other because Uranus from your 7th house provides this mental energy that makes you very revolutionary and innovative in your ways of thinking and that digital media are your favorites to be in contact with each other.

The Sun and Mercury in your 9th house will make it easier for you to have enough energy to be able to understand everything that you are about to learn today and overcome yourself through a very sharp and sharp intelligence capable of unraveling any concept, no matter how difficult it may be.

You will be connecting deeply with your strongest and most important desires and passions for your heart; Those activities that, when carried out, give meaning to your life will be the ones that fill you with internal love and make you feel fulfilled today thanks to Neptune from your home 5.

The day could be delicate today on the sentimental level. You will feel the harmful affluence of Mars which enters the IV house and brings with it an atmosphere conducive to disillusion and betrayal. If you are in a relationship, one of your friends is about to bring to your attention something that will make you doubt the future of your relationship. Singles are likely to experience deep disillusionment and should not be discouraged because the future holds great surprises for them.

Be careful in general with yourself since Aries from your 6th house can bring certain problems of accidents with sharp objects or injuries that you may be causing yourself; so be very careful where you step, how you use the knives and avoid any chance of an accident.

You are a little fatigued. The slightest movement requires effort from you and you would stay well in bed all day. It is not impossible that you lack iron. To remedy this, you can undertake a magnesium cure or add some magnesium-rich foods to your diet. Do not take it as a punishment, cocoa, dried fruits (almonds, walnuts, cashews), seafood, bananas, avocados or apples are full of iron. Something to get back in shape while having fun.

You have a lot of dynamism to start new projects or within your work to propose new improvements because you have the energy of Aries that helps you to vitalize any type of initiative that arises within you and that you think is positive for your work.

Money and Luck
Put all your knowledge into practice and trust your natural wisdom since it will be the one that causes you to be able to put all this into action in order to generate good income through well-thought-out economic projects and with good profits.

You will succeed in carrying out your professional project. The natives of your sign are supported by the Sun. Whether you want to evolve within your company, start your own business or want to go back to school, the day will be mild and favorable. On the other hand, do not engage in any financial investment. It would be better if you left the money you have aside for safekeeping. The planet Uranus will seek by all means to make you spend money, beware.

Family and Friends
Some tensions may come to heat the spirits at home, but nothing really serious. Without being cordial, your family life will remain relatively peaceful. Even if your nerves are put to the test, a few hours should be enough to calm all the anger. Grudges will quickly be evacuated and good humor will return without too much difficulty. Take a few minutes to decompress in peace, it will probably help you better manage conflicting moments.

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