Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 18th November 2020

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 18th November 2020

The sextiles and planetary conjunctions of this Wednesday strongly affect your Scorpio sign, especially on the emotional plane during this birthday period. You are living in a dynamic world in constant renewal. Set aside at least half an hour a day to learn techniques in your work and learn more about the technologies that are being applied at the moment in your field of work. Don’t get ahead of events trying to promote something of which you are not yet sure and convinced. In love everything is fine, but remember to put out of your mind the jealous and possessive ideas that do not lead to anything good, Scorpio.

You will have your mind running completely in another direction for a new interest that comes to you through a group meeting or social event. You will find yourself at some point browsing the Internet to gather more information on that topic. You will also try to locate others who share your interest. Books and videos will be of great value to you. Don’t indulge yourself in pampering and laziness tonight! It is by leaving your usual environment that you will feel fulfilled. So today is the opportunity for you to go out to a club or treat yourself to an excellent restaurant with friends. Treat yourself to a good moment of relaxation, meet people, it’s an ideal day to come out of your shell!scorpio daily horoscope 18th november 2020

Due to the action of Venus in the fire element and the transit of Mercury through your sign, this Wednesday of intense cosmic influences, a butterfly, sucking from flower to flower, and the time has come to settle decidedly on one. In this birthday cycle, consider stability and you will achieve it. You still don’t know what you want in love! You are an idealist and therefore you tend to fantasize about perfect love. “Love” sometimes rhymes with “effort” Did you know that? At this moment you would be ready to give up everything because times are hard … You feel that the current challenge is to be more tender and more transparent in your way of communicating. Do not be afraid to work on this file even if it is sensitive!

A romantic and intimate encounter with a love today will change the scope of your relationship. The glow of joy generated by the encounter will permeate your heart and mind throughout the day, perhaps even healing some deep emotional wounds from long ago. However, this can be sudden, so make sure you want the change to continue indefinitely before expressing your feelings to your partner. Isn’t love wonderful? Have a nice day.

Jupiter distills its influence on several levels. For couples, her optimism could lead you to a proposal. But, it is advisable to wonder if such a proposal does not result from respect for conventions than from true love. You will take great pleasure in contact with others so that your good humor will turn into an asset of seduction. An effort of kindness and kindness on your part may well open the doors to a lasting and stable relationship.

It is time to put more emphasis on what you eat and stop doing it simply for fun. Check the calories you consume, the nutritional quality of the food, and make the necessary changes. You will get amazing results in your health. Affection and gentleness on the program. For the Scorpio that you are, this little manly advice might be hard to take. But remember this proverb more often: “If you see a lamb in the midst of wolves, beware, it bites!”. Let yourself go from time to time to be this lamb, whose apparent innocence hides a will of steel and indomitable strength. The others will get caught up more easily.

There are days when you feel like you are swimming against the current, but today should be different. This time, you will feel that things are flowing your way! You will see how projects that require creativity progress smoothly. Today is a day when you will write, speak or design images, and everything will turn out to be uniquely beautiful. If you must make a presentation, you can express yourself clearly without having to consult any other material.

Stomach upset, scratchy throat, looming headache… Healthwise, it won’t be the best day of the year. It is high time to release the miracle remedy that will perk you up a bit: thyme infusion. Infuse a tablespoon of thyme (preferably fresh) in boiling water for 10 minutes, add a little honey, and a few lemon zest. Drink your boiling magic potion, and you will be back in the battle in less than two!

Your mind is currently open to the new and will allow you to adapt to a different technology that everyone fears in your workplace. Apply with enthusiasm to their study, and do not improvise, reason and you will have success.

Today your ability to concentrate will be optimal. If you have to study or do detailed work, this is the right time to get down to business. You may want to pursue a hobby that requires a lot of concentration, such as sewing, embroidery, or jewelry making. Even if a stampede of elephants passes through your workspace, you are unlikely to lose focus. So rescue your most demanding tasks and have a good time!

Today, you may want to talk to your boss or your supervisor, because you are wondering about your future … It would be good to formulate your complaints positively! Your boss will be impressed with your initiative and may be able to give you more than you expected. Whatever you decide to do in this area, take your time, choose the right time, and put it in the form!

Money and Luck
Fortune is capricious and you can receive unexpected news in a chance meeting with people who have money and offer you a productive business. Keep your receptive capacity alert and you will discover magnificent opportunities in different investment fields. This is a good time when you want to express yourself fully. You should be in the mood to give your views easily and to theorize things with ease. You argue effectively and you should wreak havoc in the field of communication. These assets at home are just waiting to flourish in a group. Don’t hesitate to go out. It is time! Scorpio Luck Today

Today, you may meet an old friend who seems to have changed. And therefore, you will see that this person is very attractive and you will send him a streak of physical passion. This can be disconcerting, but ignore it, as you always considered him a friend. Statistics indicate that the most successful marriages are those that started with a friendship.

You have to learn to work in a team. You are too lonely and your colleagues are wondering about your personality. Show them that you can be funny and that your ideas are interesting and good for the business. The natives of the second decan will also be very motivated today. The day may be long, but the efforts will obviously be greatly appreciated. On the financial side, your bank account seems to be doing well and you can give yourself a little extra.

Family and Friends
Under the protective influence of the moon, you barely leave the nest. Judging by the sarcasm from your friends and spouse, it looks like you’re having a hard time cutting the cord. You love to be pampered and pampered and dislike being forced away from your nurturing fold. This attitude, while excusable, prevents you from living your life to the fullest. Becoming independent does not happen in a day, but you can first try to allow yourself a few hours of solitude, to gain autonomy.

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