Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 1st August 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 1st August 2018

Take advantage of the influence of Jupiter, direct, which is now spreading a positive tone in your life neutralizing the retrograde action of your ruler, the planetoid Pluto. The key to your success lies in the way you unite your talent with the ability of others and work as a team.

In the love, aspect looms what can be called a new Honeymoon with the beloved. If you have the opportunity to escape the following weekend to a place where only the two are, do not stop doing it, give yourself that opportunity to strengthen your relationship.scorpio daily horoscope wednesday 1st august 2018

You will deepen your love life these days because you will be acting with more responsibility in your affairs of the heart. Links are strengthened, but if you are considering ending a relationship do not rush.

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Set aside even fifteen minutes a day to perform concentration or relaxation exercises, such as yoga, which in addition to benefiting your body will help you restore your inner harmony and mental balance.

You may be tempted to get involved in certain businesses that are not entirely clear. Do not access job applications without a solid legal basis. It is not the time to experiment with the unknown but to solidify the present by doing what your Scorpio intuition dictates to you.

Money and Luck
Do not discuss your earnings with third parties, since you tend to be indiscreet or wasteful. Fortunately, a good economic movement is coming in a few days. The month of August will be prosperity.