Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 31st October 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 31st October 2018

There are several recommendations for you, Scorpio, during this birthday period. If you feel good in your current job spend more time to improve your work in it. You will achieve the desired stability, but you must do it with more will. Invest extra money in bank certificates or accounts that throw you interest in a short time.

Stages of economic austerity are approaching and you must have a reserve money to face any sudden eventuality that may arise. Love, fortune, are knocking at your doors, you must attend to their call. Today you will discover a new side of yourself. And what a loving side it is! Normally so conservative, today you will find yourself considering the possibility of buying dresses with high slits and deep necklines. And why not! After all, you only live once. And today the romance is definitely in the air, therefore any sensual purchase you make will be destined to find an audience.

You have all the creativity of the world on your part, but you must apply it. Everything is possible in your mind, and you can begin to doubt everyone, create problems and sadness thinking that they do not love you and things like that. Take away those thoughts! Your desire for family values, friendship and camaraderie will be very exalted today. Call some family member you have not talked to in a while, you will give them a good surprise and they will have interesting things to say. Contact some friends and organize a dinner at home watching a series or listening to music. Whatever you do, try today to show the others you want them.

You strengthen yourself inside and out and renew your life energy. You are in a good astrological time to end old health habits, such as smoking, for example, and incorporate a lifestyle more in line with your current needs. You will feel enthusiastic about certain plans for an upcoming trip, but the friend who planned to accompany you will be in a bad mood and will not want to discuss your plans. This can be frustrating, but the best thing you can do at this moment is to leave the subject with your friend. If she is not in the mood, pressing her will produce friction between you. Keep your enthusiasm in yours for now, and talk to your friend tomorrow.

There may be some unexpected setback in your work. If they offer you a novel alternative to a difficult work situation, accept it because soon it will pay off and you will have consolidated a good position in your job. It is very difficult for you to reconcile your desire for creativity and originality in life with the pressures of society to be a productive and efficient person. This is a great dilemma that many people face today. It is as if you had to hide your true personality to live according to what is expected of you. A tip for today: do not be so hard on yourself, you’re just human.

Money and Luck
Do not give up if something did not work out as you planned and even if you lost money. You will take great advantage of the experience and future results will be better than those present, because you will know how you invest your resources now. Today, finances will cause you problems with a friend. Maybe this person owes you money and can not pay you, or vice versa. If this is the case, try to reach an arrangement that suits both. There are always ways to reach an arrangement in which both parties win, when the two get very angry their objectivity disappears completely. Stay calm and focused, and everything will be fine. Do not give up!

By Mary Emma

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.