Scorpio Daily Horoscope in Urdu 15th February 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope in Urdu 15th February 2018

Love Life
Jupiter and Mercury make you hesitant: You want to expose yourself more in your relationship, but the fear of suffering or appearing heavy in the eyes of your partner slows you down. Stay measured in your words and actions, but above all, stay yourself.

Singles do not manage to take the plunge either. Yet you are determined to conquer the one who capsizes your heart. Take your courage with both hands and get started.

What can happen to you? Let your feelings speak rather than your reason: love is above all a question of feeling and instinct, so go for it.

Watch for your reactions and be cool. A person in your professional circle may be hard on you for a reason you do not understand.

Take care of your susceptibility, step back or think carefully before replicating. Maybe this person behaves like that to make you progress or harden you. If you expect to replicate, make sure before your intentions are really bad.

The appearance of Jupiter invites you to calculate the fairest money so you do not get in trouble. Indeed, you tend to spend today, whether to fill a gap or simply to please you. However, be careful not to multiply small purchases because added to each other, they will represent a larger sum that could unbalance your budget.

This is not the great form on this Thursday. The fault squared between Jupiter and Mercury, too … Shortness of breath, heavy legs, lack of sleep or poor sleep … To remedy this, adopt small exercises, preferably in the morning and evening: 5 minutes of Steps, a little cardio.

Think also about the small saving gestures of everyday life: Walk instead of taking the bus, take the stairs instead of the elevator. You feel better in your body, and in your head.

Ah, relations with your surroundings are not at best with Scorpio today. The square that hovers in your sky tends family and friendly relations. You are rigid and not very relaxed.scorpio daily horoscope in urdu 15 february 2018

But it does not matter, everyone has their periods. Go easy on the people you love, anyway … Do not give pride to this aspect, and put water in your wine.

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