Scorpio Health Horoscope Today

Scorpio Health Predictions Today

Finally, it is interesting to mention that all the nerves that you may be going through in your life do not affect your health in a positive way. That is why you should look for ways in which you can relax and get out of your daily routines. Go to get a good massage, go for a walk with the couple, etc., are all things that will help you improve this aspect. And, you should avoid getting into arguments that lead you nowhere, as this will only make you feel worse.

Scorpio is one of the most worrying signs for health this coming year and is that it has been taken care of quite a bit during the last months. That is why it is not surprising that we find pain or minor ailments and discomfort in our body. To help you find the problem and give you the most interesting advice, we have created this article specially directed for the natives of this sign who want to strive a little more to feel better.scorpio health today

If the Scorpio native encounters problematic health, he himself becomes a doctor in his spare time, even if he does not remain for a second without occupying. But if you persist in worrying about a Nature affair, it is a waste of time, then there will be no way for a specialist to approach a simple reconnaissance operation.

Should we use bikini during a healt... x
Should we use bikini during a health crisis?

Our friends and friends of Scorpio are all or nothing. When you get involved something is big, with all the consequences.

They have very deep feelings and do not hesitate to take the risk it takes to try to achieve their goals.

The sexuality that emanates is manifested in a great magnetism and power of seduction.

An important quality of Scorpio is concentration and thus are faithful and possessive in relationships of both friendship and love. They are usually great friends and counselors.
Scorpio and Health

In general the people of the sign Scorpio have a good level of physical resistance. When they are sick, they need solitude and silence to penetrate deep inside and find the emotional causes that generate the disease.

Scorpio is the sign that has the most ability to regenerate their diseases, the process is slow but can reach the total healing of diseases diagnosed by medicine as incurable.

Its weak points are related to the reproductive apparatus and excretory apparatus (large intestine, especially the colon and anus). Scorpio is a fixed sign which translates as a tendency to retention (not let go, do not let go) thus, women of this sign may tend to menstrual problems (colic, amenorrhea, etc.), inflammation in the mammary glands Which affect her breasts, herpes or itching.

In men we can find prostatitis, orchitis and problems related to sperm.

Scorpio is a sign that needs to feel very close to the other, if they do not recognize this need, this unconscious impulse often leads to some sexual promiscuity, so it is very important to use healthy measures to avoid contracting venereal diseases.

Keeping a healthy digestion is of paramount importance for the scorpio, their tendency to retention causes them constipation and its possible consequences: rectal fissures and hemorrhoids.
Bach flowers for the health of the Scorpio

His temperament is extremist, all or nothing, white or black, if anything it costs this native is to recognize the terms mean. For that character that in a moment of rapture can end everything (with the idea of “clean and start from scratch”) can do well Wine (Vid).

Sensitive and intuitive, the Scorpio have great difficulty in externalizing their deepest emotions, and that can sometimes lead them to not feel understood by others. For when we do not understand why others do not understand us we can recommend Chicory.

He does not like others to know what goes on inside, especially when it comes to dark emotions (pain, anger, anger). The Agrimoni floral essence (Agrimonia) usually irles of pearls.
Phytotherapy for the health of the Scorpio

We must ask our doctor or specialist about the advisability of taking a medicinal plant in case of any menstrual disorder (sage, evening primrose, yarrow, chamomile, etc.).

Men may also seek advice on Echinacea, Propolis or Propolis Sabal Serrulata or Pygeum in cases of prostate problems.

If they are in a moment of “bajón” could go well to the Hyper or Grass of San Juan, the Ginseng or Rosemary.

Remember that if you take any medication you should always consult your doctor or specialist before recommending us a medicinal plant.
Nutrition for the health of the Scorpio

To the Scorpio they usually like the strong and intense flavors therefore the food very spicy and spicy. Although they are usually grumpy and demanding, they are also grateful for good food. They tend to like strong wines. They really do everything that is intense. Also, they are good eaters of meat and fish.

For these natives fasts are very convenient, especially after parties or parties. Your body has a very healthy level of clearance. When something feels bad they usually have diarrhea crisis, which they should not cut since they are eliminating.

Their temperament together with a heavy diet usually gives them many digestive problems.

The ideal would be to reduce alcohol to the maximum or leave it just for celebrations and increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables to “refresh” them a little.

We will especially recommend Zinc rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, bee pollen, brewer’s yeast and fatty acids for your hormonal balance (linseed, evening primrose or borage oil).
Other tips for the health of the Scorpio.