Scorpio Horoscope 2017 the new year and future

Scorpio 2017: The year 2017, will be good for Scorpio.

It is a year in which he will be forced to reorganize his finances, to cover his expenses. Starting October 11, there will be a change in your finances and you will earn more money.

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scorpio zodiac 2017

Until October 10, the intellectual and spirituality marks his life. He continues with his obsession with fitness and diets.

From October 11 will take care of your image more than ever and will focus on you to achieve your psychic and physical balance.

Scorpio 2017: Love, Family, Friendship

Love Scorpio 2017

2017 is a very unstable year, but at this point, already learned to live like this. If you are married or in couple or boyfriends or single, they will remain the same. No divorce or separation is seen, but the problems are there, only they have learned to live with them. There will be a strong crisis in March. Better this way, because next year and especially in 2019 begins a new stage of 7 years, in which they will not accept half measures and will demand that everything works perfectly. Then, all relationships that are malfunctioning, will end in rupture. For those who are single, they could have many sporadic and changing relationships. They could fall in love with someone at work or a doctor or nurse.

Scorpio Family and Home 2017

Your family life is going to be unstable and tough. Fights at home for money, how to take the house, expenses, distribution of money. This issue will be resolved from October, but there will be another to fix. There will always be disagreements and arguments, which will affect you emotionally. They will destabilize you and make you question the relationship. You do not breathe harmony in your home. He’s going to set up a home gym, because he’s obsessed with fitness and health. He will work from home. He likes to change his house and redecorate it constantly. This year they could move again, if not next year. If you have to buy a house you will be lucky because you can buy it at a good price. Your parents could move out of the house this year.

Scorpio Friendship and Social Life 2017

Your social life will be very active. It is going to have fun and go out like never before. You see many friends around you and lots of social life, with many activities, that will brighten your life. You will feel happy to have the friends you have and will foster that friendship. He will work on the idea of the spiritual dimension of money, of divine provisioning.
Scorpio 2017: Money, Work, Education

Scorpio Money 2017

Your relationship with money will be very good. He will start reorganizing his finances and will finish the year, from October 11, much better than it has begun. You will start earning money, a better salary and more. If you do Meditation you will have revelations or certainties about how to earn more money, what business to ride, how to invest money. For the first time, you will have intuition when it comes to investing. Disappointment with the fraudulent or dirty way of investing from their parents, but they will give you money so you can make your investments or your business. It will collaborate in humanitarian causes, contributing part of those profits. You will spend more money at home and in the family than usual.

Scorpio Work 2017

It will not be a very important year for your work. It will be a year of changes and instability due to the 3 solar and lunar eclipses that are there during the year. First of all, they will affect the company in which you work and in 2nd place you. The fact is that you can spend many things related to the job this year: you could change company or job or start a business at home. .. The important thing is that after so much instability and changes, they will become positive changes for you and the year will end better than it has begun.

Scorpio Education 2017

For the students, it will be a good year of studies. They will want to learn and goodwill. In addition, they will want to read about spiritual and esoteric topics.

For adults, they will study spiritual subjects, which will be very interesting and will catch them. They will make a great evolution and spiritual growth. It will increase your extrasensory perception and you will have visions and revelations. You will be delighted to get into this topic and relax and enrich you.

Scorpio 2017: Health

Health will be good. You will continue to take care of yourself physically and following one diet after another, seeking to create a better quality of life and be healthier. It is his obsession, his physical form. If you suffer any illness, this year there is healing. If you have a physical problem, you will get a lot better. Sometimes he becomes too obsessed with his health and enlarges problems because he becomes obsessed. Points to take care especially this year are: sexual organs, use condoms, daily bowel movement is important. Gymnastics and sport are basic for you because you need to eliminate tensions, strengthen and balance your muscles. Massages on head and back to relax. This is the secret of your daily psychic and mental maintenance.