Scorpio Horoscope Friday 26th July 2019

Scorpio Horoscope Friday 26th July 2019

If today you are guided by what you see or appearances you could only be reaching unfortunate conclusions and believe things that are not true, especially in the love aspect. Although you have suffered recent disappointments in your love life, love heals everything.

A person in your job does not inspire confidence. Avoid it so as not to complicate yourself, but do not discuss your personal impressions with other colleagues to avoid entanglements during this cycle of retrograde planets.

There is someone who is frustrated or envious and does not like your current happiness will try to get between you and your partner creating gossip or gossip. The best way to overcome these intrigues is by ignoring her and ending that bad friendship. With Jupiter directly on your sign, the balance is balanced in your favor.

You feel like a rabbit in a collar, a bird in a cage. A joke when you think of your efforts to form a couple. You definitely have a very versatile character and the presence of Mars in your astral environment does not help your business. A little patience, you will surely change your mind tomorrow. Single, you’re a little dizzy from looking right and left.

If you can enter a yoga course or a similar practice it will be extremely beneficial because now you are in the middle of a very receptive salute wave that will accentuate your chances of success in any discipline you practice.

Regarding your health, you will lack restful sleep. Heavy fatigue will stick you all day long. Remember to go to bed at a reasonable time and have the reflex of good actions before going to bed: avoid a dinner too heavy to digest and more generally, high sugar foods that excite your body. Likewise, do not practice any sports activity within four hours before turning off the light. These precautions will prevent you from prolonging your state of torpor.

You will not lack work or daily activity, but at the same time, there is an increase in responsibilities and workload that can exhaust you if you do not combine your rest time with your recreation and your duties.

An unexpected proposal may cause you to question your current position. Torn between loyalty and desire for adventure, you will conduct a thorough reflection on your professional desires. If your reason commands you to “not move immediately,” your taste for the challenge may well lead you to rethink your career plan. More than anything, you are afraid of stagnating and it may well be that you seize on the fly this chance, full of promise. Weigh the pros and cons but do not be influenced by your loved ones.

Money and Luck
Periods of economic growth are approaching in your life and you will be receiving many offers, proposals, and invitations that can increase your financial resources, but do not waste the money obtained, invest it wisely. Numbers of luck are 1, 2, 5, 14.

Family and Friends
It does not happen with the new darling of your confidant. Possessive and excessive, she strives to discredit you. Do not fall into the trap of this ridiculous conflict. Take a step back by letting time act in your favor. Do not waste it justifying yourself on the longevity of your friendship. In addition, the nature of your support or your listening remains pure. The more you stay out of this child rage, the better you will be!


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