Scorpio Horoscope in Urdu 20th February 2018

Scorpio Horoscope in Urdu 20th February 2018

It will be time to make a serious clarification to clarify your marital relations. This discussion promises to be stormy; but if you and your partner show good will, it will have the advantage of resolving a good number of problems that disrupt your union. Jupiter will support your efforts.

Single, a perfectly innocuous sentimental adventure at first could take on an unsuspected importance in your life today. Your little heart will take a serious but wonderful blow.

This conflicting aspect of Pluto could play tricks on you, especially by making you want to indulge in excessive expenses for your children or for the purpose of your flame.

You will have vitality and energy to spare. But, under the influence of evil-minded Neptune, you will not always be able to exploit this valuable potential in a positive way.

Sometimes you will tackle large projects by working hard to achieve your goal, and sometimes you will content yourself with playing domestic tyrants.

In the work, show yourself more patient and brave than usual. Indeed, you may have to face today delays and deadlocks. No need to annoy you, only the tenacity will allow you to find effective solutions.

Sensitive to the skin, the slightest remark of the beings you love, will capsize you. If your spouse is hard on you, you will be very affected. Try to control your emotions further.scorpio daily horoscope in urdu 20 february 2018

Social life
With this aspect of Uranus, you will easily adapt to external events. Avoid putting yourself in difficult positions or creating conflicts: your defenses are a bit dull right now, it will be harder to fight back.

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