Scorpio Horoscope in Urdu Friday 23rd February 2018

Scorpio Horoscope in Urdu Friday 23rd February 2018

Moderate your requirements with the spouse or partner. Your relationships will be better if you show understanding and kindness. That said, your married life will give you all the satisfaction you could wish for today.

Single, avoid mixing your emotional life and your professional life. Do not try to make romantic relationships in your workplace, because you will only reap difficulties. Remember that “the fox never hunts near his lair”.

Be careful, do not mix money issues with feelings, as this may cause you hard problems to solve.

Also, avoid lending money because it is possible that you will never be reimbursed despite the actual goodwill of the debtor.

Saturn will watch over your health. Here is an excellent day to take stock of all the small problems that bother you. Why not consider a general medical check-up? Social Security offers you one free every five years.

At work, practice the projects you have built. The planet Jupiter will be of great help to you. Let your imagination run wild, but not your expenses. Your inventiveness can do wonders, with minimal expense.

Untimely displays of affection are not your style. But you will catch up on the acts, which will not be so bad either.

However, do not hesitate to tell your spouse, your children or your parents, all your loved ones, that you love them. This will certainly make them a lot of fun.scorpio daily horoscope in urdu 23 february 2018

Social life
The moment will be a very bad choice for legal challenges. Opt for an amicable solution, even if your claim seems fully justified, to save you time and therefore money. “Justice is expensive, take a pint and arrange.”

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