Scorpio Horoscope Wednesday 18th May 2022

What’s going on in your friendships? Sounds like you’re looking for a fight. Could it be that you have been robbed of a leadership position that is so dear to you. You have a certain tendency to be the “leader of the band” and you are confronted with resistance. Start a new group project that will reconcile everyone. A travel plan, for example.

You are the “Mother Teresa” of a whole series of chronically depressed people, whom you certainly love, but who offload their blackish burden a little too quickly on your frail shoulders. Enough is enough ! Basta! The practice is closed today due to personal pampering. Give yourself giggles with your most hilarious friends, take a good hot bath with essential oils, an excellent dinner in good company.



You still don’t know what you want in love! You are an idealist and therefore tend to fantasize about the perfect love. “Love” sometimes rhymes with “effort” did you know? At this moment you would be ready to give up everything because times are hard… You feel that the current challenge is to be more tender and clear in your way of communicating. Do not be afraid to work on this file even if it is sensitive!


This day will give you back the energy that you may have lost in recent dear days. Above all, you must not be held back in your race because you will not be in the mood to understand the objections today, quite the contrary. It’s a great time to strengthen your role as a group leader…

Tomorrow’s horoscope.


It could be that, within the framework of a project, you are confronted with a change in timing or budget. Certainly, you do not like to be constrained by deadlines or by financial imperatives. But these problems are likely to come to the fore today. You may need to do your accounts to limit an overdraft or set specific goals for yourself to advance in your work. A little rigor wouldn’t hurt you!

Money and Luck Stop running around. Do only one thing at a time and see it through to the end… This is the key to success! You tend to spread yourself out too much lately and miss the point. Think about your goals rather than rushing headlong into achieving your endeavors. Good things come to those who wait for.