Scorpio Horoscope weekly From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Weekly Scorpio Horoscope From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Work: Take conflict away at work, stay safe with low profile. Do not ignore advice from your family and friends, try to get away from fighting and arguments, do not get involved. Old loves will appear that can alter your current contractual relationship.

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You will have to clarify your feelings and look for what you want from this relationship for the future. Agreements and important deals appear if you make the right decision in this dispute. Possible help from your elders … Stable partners will be able to start a joint venture with very stable forecasts and will in this period strengthen their ties. Profitable working relationships and very comfortable.

Love: It is a great time to make a romantic trip, because although the general conditions of the couple are well, do not have to forget that they come from a series of situations that are unstable on an effective level. Your sex and your intimate life will be going through the best moment, to the point of having to double care, if you do not want to have a child. During this time there will be a very important turn in their effective life as they will intellectualize their feelings and show themselves, as they are, not very emotional. Define your feelings and not more turns, the imbalances will continue for a while longer and the relationships will not be completely full.

Health: You will be very vital and in good health. Your physical possibilities are greater than you think, try to start doing some physical activity or healthy outdoor habit to further strengthen your defenses. All the things that happen to him should thank them sincerely and from the heart, and probably not even being aware of them … We always look at what we lack, the ills we suffer and the shortcomings we have, without realizing The magnificently gifted that we are, the graces with which the Universe has adorned us and the gifts we possess. Ask yourself today: Why do I feel like I’m sailing, drifting, improvising?

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